House ON The Hill Map for RDR2

House ON The Hill for Red Dead Redemption 2
House ON The Hill for RDR2


Here is an unusual house on the hill !!! Thanks to this modification your game will be even more interesting.

Thanks to the map editor by Lambdarevolution you can now have your own house on the hill near Valentine. It is located in a beautiful location which should encourage you to download this mod right now. The entire property is fenced with a wooden fence. The house also has an interior. There is also a bed inside the house so Arthur can go to sleep at any time. The same goes for the second character in the game.

Do not go into the walls as in some cases the house may collapse
Only enter the house through the hole in the wall at the back of the house, otherwise, the house will break down
There is grass inside because the map editor does not allow you to remove it

Install Map editor by Lambdarevolution and put this file in the map folder. If you did it correctly the mod will work

Author: FloydJames

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Download mod (17 KB)
Safe to download: Check 

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