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24 Underwater Timer’s []

24 Underwater Timer’s [] for World of Tanks

Hawg’s UnderWater Timer mod, This mod changes the stock timer that shows when your tank is underwater. It will display a different icon that’s underwater, which is more noticeable than the stock icon. 24 different icons to pick from. Step 1 UNZIP DOWNLOAD. Step 2 PICK WHAT TIMER YOU WANT Step 3 OPEN THAT FOLDER,…

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Pmod []

Pmod [] for World of Tanks

PMOD is a complex modification, it’s not a modpack, it’s one single mod. It allows improved gameplay and provides many new features, previously unavailable to the player. Installation Open the downloaded archive with any archiver, or standard Windows interface. Drag or copy from the archive folder “mods” in the folder where you installed the tanks,…

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Outlining Colors – Change Outlining And Fill Colors When Pointing AT The Tank []

Outlining Colors – Change Outlining And Fill Colors When Pointing AT The Tank [] for World of Tanks

Currently all of my mods are not updated yet on WGMods. WGMods doesn’t let me even to update all my mods. Use then my GitHub repository to download them: https://github.com/Kurzdor/wotmods-public/ —————————————————————————————— This modification allows you to change outlining colors to your taste when pointing at the tank (ally/enemy). Starting with patch Wargaming added new…

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