Show Current Equipment In Battle []

Show Current Equipment In Battle [] for World of Tanks

This modification shows your current equipment and directive in battle near consumables panel. You can drag panel in battle using Ctrl + Left Mouse Button to anywhere you need, hide panel using Ctrl + H hotkey and reset panel position using Ctrl + R. Modification has 2 working modes – show always and only by…


Config Tuner V1.25 []

Config Tuner V1.25 [] for World of Tanks

The application is intended to disable some graphics and audio effects, which may provide a performance boost for lower-end PCs. How to use: launch the application, check the preferred items, and close the application. If the WoT client is running in the background, you will need to restart the game to apply the changes.


Hawgpack []

Hawgpack [] for World of Tanks

Hawg Pack ,Is a unique mod ,that combines Hawg’s Alternative Xvm with 36 of Hawg’s Own favorite mods that Hawg has made.+ 280 Xvm mod function , All the mods been link to the Xvm to run cohesive together as one XVM mod . Tons of hours has went into making the mod. Like most…


Hangar Addons []

Hangar Addons [] for World of Tanks

Files Are For: ✔ disable display “Referral Program” button; ✔ disable display “General chat” button; ✔ disable display promo of premium vehicle (on the background in the hangar); ✔ disable display of information windows with a list of received awards for “Reward for Merit”; ✔ disable the display of pop-up messages and unread notifications counter…


Disabling The Mirroring Of Icons []

Disabling The Mirroring Of Icons [] for World of Tanks

The files are designed to disable the mirroring of custom vehicles icons in size 80×24 pixels. Icons of vehicles of this size are created by the program TankIconMaker Modified Elements: ✔ battle loading window; ✔ window by pressing Tab button; ✔ the players panel (ears). ✔ window of the training room; ✔ tooltip when hovering…


Budyx69 Modpack Installer []

Budyx69 Modpack Installer [] for World of Tanks

Modpack has a great installer, where you can easily select your preferred mod and choose from a large number of perfectly matched variants. Alternatively, the author proposes to use his favorite mods. All the necessary files and scripts will automatically install and copy. Modpack set only in res_mods folder. Modpack Has: ✔ XVM Version 6.9.0…