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Force MOD: Remodenabler Edition []

Force MOD: Remodenabler Edition [] for World of Tanks

This mod changes the models of the following vehicles: FV217 Badger IS-3 KV-2 PZ.KPFW. I AUSF. C T49 TOG II* WZ-132 RemodEnabler is required for the models to display. Differences From The Original Mod: Ability to install the models selectively, for example – only on the player vehicle. That solves the problem of proper treating…

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Armor Inspector – Collision Models, Internal Modules, Penetration []

Armor Inspector – Collision Models, Internal Modules, Penetration [] for World of Tanks

Armor Inspector modification (wotinspector.com) allows to understand penetration mechanics and check the collision models of any tank in the game. Main Features: • collision models (from game resources) • crew and modules locations (unique content) • penetration hitskin depending on the gun you choose • complete simulation of every shot made in the last game…

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Classic’s Dakka Improvement Project (Simple Remodel Pack) []

Classic’s Dakka Improvement Project (Simple Remodel Pack) [] for World of Tanks

Adds more dakka (machine guns) to a large selection of vehicles. (NOTE: The SU-100Y featured in the thumbnail is available as a separate mod.) Currently Included Vehicles (103 Total): Latest additions are written in bold text. China: Type T-34, Type 58, 59-Patton Czechoslovakia: Skoda T-24, Skoda T-27 France: LT: AMX ELC bis, AMX 13 57,…

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Girls UND Panzer (Panzer Skin) []

Girls UND Panzer (Panzer Skin) [] for World of Tanks

Tanks from the anime Girls und Panzer. Were pulled from the original mod. I ARE NOT THE ORIGINAL DEVELOPER. There are also decals to preserve authenticity (you don’t want to see German Blankenkreuz on top of the maus and at the same time the emblem of the schwarzwald school?) Installation Move folders from archive to…

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