WoT Crosshairs Mods

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Marksman Crosshair []

Marksman Crosshair [] for World of Tanks

This crosshair is based of the vanilla crosshair with a few of my own adjustments, it is intended to try keep close to the original while also improving it Note: I don’t intend to colour the loading cycle, this crosshair is made to just have better visibility/guidance for the crosshair its self. To Do: Design…

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Rebirth []

Rebirth [] for World of Tanks

focus on customizing your experience to your preference It will help produce your best results on the battle field. REBIRTH Functions Battle Armor Thickness Indicator 1 Teams HP Green Pen 2 Tank Hp Yellow Might Pen 3 WN8 Mark Red No Pen 4 Tank Distance 5 Target Base Reload Time 6 Aim Count 11 Alt…

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Sicfunzler Mod []

Sicfunzler Mod [] for World of Tanks

Xvm = XVM 7.8-dev !!! NEUSTE !!! Carusell einstellbar Top Minimap Wo sieht der andere hin und letzte Position Bessere Statistik Goldmuni Anzeige usw… Hitlog AutoEquip Player Ratings WN8 Capture Info Ingame Uhrzeit und auch im Hangar Neue TankIcon Ingame Damage Log Sixth Sense Audio Mod und mit SicFunzler LOGO Gunmarks mit SicFunzler LOGO Erweiterte…

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Battle Assistant 2.3.5 []

Battle Assistant 2.3.5 [] for World of Tanks

Battle Assistant — fashion/modification is slightly modifies the game World Of Tanks, it slightly changes the gameplay, especially if you’re playing on the ACS. Battle Assistant best modification according to WDC (Wargaming Developers Contest). Modification changes UX games of the gaming process, making it more comfortable and convenient for a part of the players, but…

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