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Get the best WoT mini maps and explore the endless possibilities for your game. Download all your favorite World of Tanks mini maps mods in a free, easy-to-use website. We know what you want and we're going to give it to you!

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Hawgpack []

Hawgpack [] for World of Tanks

Hawg Pack ,Is a unique mod ,that combines Hawg’s Alternative Xvm with 36 of Hawg’s Own favorite mods that Hawg has made.+ 280 Xvm mod function , All the mods been link to the Xvm to run cohesive together as one XVM mod . Tons of hours has went into making the mod. Like most…

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Wotinspector Tech Minimaps []

Wotinspector Tech Minimaps [] for World of Tanks

Changes Minimaps To New Topographical (tech) Maps. All maps are created automatically using heights data of the maps. Resolution 2048х2048. Benefits Of Using Tech Maps: ✔ higher resolution 2048×2048 ✔ clear display of no-go areas ✔ display of every bush, tree and destructible object ✔ altitude display by color and isolines ✔ every minimap is…

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Minimap Spam Protector []

Minimap Spam Protector [] for World of Tanks

This mod allows you to control how many times a player can ping on the minimap before the pings will be ignored from your client. You can also control if a ping sound is played. All options are fully customizable in a settings dialog. You can reach it by pressing the MODSLISTAPI ICON at the…

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Licht XVM Config []

Licht XVM Config [] for World of Tanks

Lightweight, clean configuration of the vanilla XVM, without any other mods. Perfect if you dont like the heavy mod packs. Differences to the vanilla XVM: Showing xte values of the tanks (numbers with an ‘x’ at the end, xte shows how good a player is with this specific tank) Alternative mode (‘left Alt’ key) which…

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