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Disabling The Mirroring Of Icons []

Disabling The Mirroring Of Icons [] for World of Tanks

The files are designed to disable the mirroring of custom vehicles icons in size 80×24 pixels. Icons of vehicles of this size are created by the program TankIconMaker Modified Elements: ✔ battle loading window; ✔ window by pressing Tab button; ✔ the players panel (ears). ✔ window of the training room; ✔ tooltip when hovering…

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Wizard’s Icon Pack []

Wizard’s Icon Pack [] for World of Tanks

Mod replaces the original icons of vehicles in the game (in the battle panels only). Design allows you to quickly analyze the composition of the teams. Displays the following information: tank name, premium / special mark, tier number, nation, class color. It’s the official continuation of Wizard’s Icon Pack created by WIZARD_CZE_ Author of anti-mirror…

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Letter Shell Icons []

Letter Shell Icons [] for World of Tanks

If you’re color-blind, or if you ever shot wrong shell by mistake… You may want to use this mod. Screenshots are all explanation you need. Note: HEAT and premium HE shells are gold-colored by this mod. This however does not always reflect premium status of specific shell. This is mostly visible with APCRs, which on…

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Improved Night Mod []

Improved Night Mod [] for World of Tanks

This mod improves upon the original by changing some of the features. Removed Or Not Included: Maps that are too bright, have little to no object shadows, or have very bright and reflective snow. This includes the following maps: Malinovka, Province, Prokhorovka, Ensk, Lakeville, Ruinberg, Murovanka, Erlenberg, Widepark, Cliff, Sand River, El Hallouf, Airfield, Steppes,…

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Girls UND Panzer (Panzer Skin) []

Girls UND Panzer (Panzer Skin) [] for World of Tanks

Tanks from the anime Girls und Panzer. Were pulled from the original mod. I ARE NOT THE ORIGINAL DEVELOPER. There are also decals to preserve authenticity (you don’t want to see German Blankenkreuz on top of the maus and at the same time the emblem of the schwarzwald school?) Installation Move folders from archive to…

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