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Hawgs Post Mortem Crosshairs []

Hawgs Post Mortem Crosshairs [] for World of Tanks

This mod changes the Dead Tank Crosshairs to a customize Dead Tank Crosshair. 30 Crosshairs to pick from , File Number ( 30 ) file is a clear Post Mortem Crosshair you will so no Crosshair. Installation Step 1 UNZIP DOWNLOAD. Step 2 PICK WHAT SOUND YOU WANT Step 3 OPEN THAT FOLDER ,COPY THE…

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[9.20] Sight Taipan 2 + Penetration Indicator

[9.20] Sight Taipan 2 + Penetration Indicator for World of Tanks

Can anyone of you already familiar with the sight Taipan for WOT, it is quite popular among the soldiers. And now we offer to download a new version of the sight sight TAIPAN 2 with an indicator for the penetration WOT. As his sight was very comfortable, the author listened to the comments of the…

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[0.9.20] The Sight Of Damocles Sword

[0.9.20] The Sight Of Damocles Sword for World of Tanks

The sight of Damocles Sword is one of the most popular sights for tanks, its history is very long. From the very first version of the sight have changed a lot and now it is really a very powerful and useful sight for a successful game in the WOT. It consists of the following elements:…

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[0.9.20] Sight Warrior From Valuhov

[0.9.20] Sight Warrior From Valuhov for World of Tanks

The sight than looks like a Taipan 2, and the central part of it was taken from the sights Jimbo. This combination makes the main components of this scope is very convenient. Personally by the author himself added his signature style in a well-defined core lines of sight, making it clearly visible on any of…

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[0.9.20] Sight Zx Lite Vs Radio

[0.9.20] Sight Zx Lite Vs Radio for World of Tanks

All its elements are completely designed and made in the same style. The sight has a beautiful health indicators and recharge. The kit it comes to the sniper scope Radio from the same author. The sight has indicator penetration in a circle in the middle. Very convenient and easy sight Sniper Scope «Radio» v2 is…

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[9.20] Sight Destroyer

[9.20] Sight Destroyer for World of Tanks

Author: Andre_V Sight «Destroyer» for World of Tanks — a new format of sights from the series Strike the user Andre_V. It is light and pleasant green colors, which harmoniously complements the clear and easily noticeable print. So that people with poor eyesight to this sight will not be any inconvenience. On the screen you…

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[9.20] Improved Standard Sight (Crosshairs)

[9.20] Improved Standard Sight (Crosshairs) for World of Tanks

The sight in the World of Tanks — this is a very important element of the game interface, it depends on your accuracy on the target. And I think almost every one of you not very happy with the standard sight World of Tanks, because he does not show the degree of magnification, the strength…

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[0.9.20] Sights From Jove

[0.9.20] Sights From Jove for World of Tanks

He is one of the most convenient and accurate sights for tanks. Sight does not load your game space superfluous information through minimalist design and subtle lines It has convenient central marker with calculator penetration It has a beautiful design with nice colors for the eyes, which are visible on all maps In fact Jovi…

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