Sixth Sense Timer [] User for WoT

Sixth Sense Timer [] for World of Tanks
Sixth Sense Timer [] for WoT

This mod allows you to display a timer in the HUD which counts down to 0 after an enemy spots you. The countdown time is adjustable in a settings dialog. The countdown should remind you that you’re still visible to the enemy and stay in cover until the countdown reaches 0.


This mod only works if the commander of your tank has the perk “Sixth Sense”.


Press CTRL-SHIT L to lock/unlock the panel to move the timer position.

Normally 12 seconds should be enough to be no longer spotted, even when the enemy radio operator has the perk “Call for Vengeance”.


Extract the downloaded zip archive in your game folder!


Authors: CH4MPi
IzeBergFor the modsettings api. Really impressive way to show up a settings dialog!
P0LIR0IDFor the modslist api.
GambitERFor the flash library
spoterFor his settings GUI in the past. Thanks for all your work!

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