Fast Reconnect []

Fast Reconnect [] for World of Tanks

Sometimes, for some users, game permanently loses connection during battle (and all tanks stops responding). It can even happen in hangar. Because there are no buttons for disconnect in such scenario, either you have to: wait 40 seconds timeout in battle or restart a game (~20 seconds depending on PC) … to again see Login…

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WAR Mod []

WAR Mod [] for World of Tanks

Guns Engines Hits Tracer Reloading Surface Hits Equipments The mod is not finished yet, it took me a long time to create and it still requires some work. Installation Unpack the file and paste it into the game’s main directory

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Modpackbutton By Budyx69 []

Modpackbutton By Budyx69 [] for World of Tanks

LobbyButton for ChatChannel and/or URL ✔ Max. two Buttons with seperate config LobbyButton for ChatChannel and/or URL ✔ Max. two Buttons with seperate config ✔ show one ore two buttons at the hangar, for open a URL link or a Chatchannel ✔ separate assignment of the mouse buttons, 3 functions per button ✔ open or…

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Dueler []

Dueler [] for World of Tanks

This mod allows you to compete on the outcome of the battle (experience, damage, etc.) with a random opponent. Installation The mod is installed according to the standard installation principle.

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Hangar-Manager “Hangman” []

Hangar-Manager “Hangman” [] for World of Tanks

With this modification you can handle all installed hangars by selecting them in the main mod-window. In addition, it is possible to create own hangars while in battle by pressing a key-combination, see settings-window. Some hangars created this way are included in der default-config (downloaded on first run). Different selection-modes allow it to change the…

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