Korbenteam Modpack []

Korbenteam Modpack [] for World of Tanks

Mods List: 1.Marks of Excellence progress Mod author spoter, config by KorbenDaIlas The mod can be zoomed in and out with keyboard shortcuts (Alt PgUp, Alt PgDn) 2.Time and date in garage 3.FPS Limiter (60, 75, 90, 120, 144, 165, 244) 4.Remove base capture sound 5.Lower HE shell explosion volume (by 50%, 70% and 100%)…

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Battle Hits []

Battle Hits [] for World of Tanks

The modification allows you to display the shots fired by or at you in the battles. You can also use the modification environment as the main hangar. Installation Open the downloaded archive with any archiver, or standard Windows interface. Drag or copy from the archive folder “mods” in the folder where you have installed the…

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Akoakko []

Akoakko [] for World of Tanks

A sound mod that replaces in-game communication with the sounds of your favorite streamer Installation Copy-Paste in your mod folder for the latest WoT version. (World_of_Tanks_EUmods1.17.1.0)

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GUN Sounds Mod []

GUN Sounds Mod [] for World of Tanks

This is my first Gun sounds mod. Another sound included in the video Reload sound made by JohnTankPL Voice made by kanaeco Installation Drag and drop the res_mods folder directly into the wot folder, or Drag and drop the audioww folder located in Gun sounds, V2.1, V2.4.1, V2.5 or V2.6/res_mods/ to C / Games…

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Vehicle Model Manager AKA Remodenabler []

Vehicle Model Manager AKA Remodenabler [] for World of Tanks

This mod dynamically edits vehicle model paths, which enables it to selectively change vehicle models. For example, you can install a remodel or a weakspot skin only on your vehicle without affecting others. It also can add so-called “dynamic” skins – the ones that only appear on a vehicle you are looking at. All setup…

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Scriptloader PRO []

Scriptloader PRO [] for World of Tanks

Script Loader PRO is an improved version of the usual script loader. It shows in the hangar which scripts are properly loaded. A message appears in the message center for faulty scripts. ✔ Show Full Message with scriptname ✔ Show Minimal with sum of the scripts ✔ Show only error in messagecenter ✔ Check if…

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