Show Current Equipment In Battle []

Show Current Equipment In Battle [] for World of Tanks

This modification shows your current equipment and directive in battle near consumables panel. You can drag panel in battle using Ctrl + Left Mouse Button to anywhere you need, hide panel using Ctrl + H hotkey and reset panel position using Ctrl + R. Modification has 2 working modes – show always and only by…


Classic’s “Dakka Plus” Remodel Pack []

Classic’s “Dakka Plus” Remodel Pack [] for World of Tanks

An extension of the original “Dakka Improvement Project” mod for World of Tanks, Dakka Plus is a remodel pack including a number of vehicles with additional equipment + dakka. This will be taking the place of the old mod for most new content updates, and mainly features vehicles with more complex remodels compared to the…


Scriptloader PRO []

Scriptloader PRO [] for World of Tanks

Script Loader PRO is an improved version of the usual script loader. It shows in the hangar which scripts are properly loaded. A message appears in the message center for faulty scripts. ✔ Show Full Message with scriptname ✔ Show Minimal with sum of the scripts ✔ Show only error in messagecenter ✔ Check if…


Relhax Modpack (OMC 2.0) []

Relhax Modpack (OMC 2.0) [] for World of Tanks

As a refresh of the OMC Modpack, Relhax is the fastest World of Tanks mod installer in the world. This modpack offers a huge variety of mods ranging from garage and in-game statistics, to sounds, vehicle skins and much more! . . Why Relhax ○ Lightning-fast installation of mods which you can configure and select…


Marksman Crosshair []

Marksman Crosshair [] for World of Tanks

This crosshair is based of the vanilla crosshair with a few of my own adjustments, it is intended to try keep close to the original while also improving it Note: I don’t intend to colour the loading cycle, this crosshair is made to just have better visibility/guidance for the crosshair its self. To Do: Design…