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What ARE Those?? Meme Modpack [] for World of Tanks
What ARE Those?? Meme Modpack [] for WoT

A modpack that makes the game… different. Entertainment and absurdity was the goal, and oh boy do I know I’ve hit it.

Changes Include:

Tank names and descriptions (descriptions for EVERY TANK).
Model files for lower tiers.
Firing sounds for lower tiers
Some custom decals (some are secret :3)
Different map names.
Many references to friends and CCs.
Changed UI text.


Custom tankmen skins
More model changes
More custom decals
More absurdity

Full list of changed tanks (by request of Dez):

All the tier 1s, T2 Light, T7 Combat Car, T1E6, T1 HMC (no sound), Light VIC, AM 39 Gendron-Somua, VAE Type B (pom pom), TKS 20mm, L-60, BT-7A, PZ1C (every gun/turret), Locust, Pz II J, GroBtraktor Krupp, BT-5, T-29, UE 57, T-127, T3 Convert, Hetzer 105mm, T-80 (37mm), M3 Lee, AMX 40 (top turret/gun), Harry Hopkins, AMX ELC bis, Covenanter (pom pom), TOG, VK 2801 105mm, 59-16, A46, Super Chaffee, T-50-2 (incorrect atm), MT-25, Bourrasque, Strv S1, and Strv 103b. The Type 64 also has been steel hunter-ified. Some tanks don’t have model changes, but are changed in “other ways.”


Unzip the WHATareTHOSE zip file. Inside will be a .wotmod file and a couple .txt files.
Drop the .wotmod file into mods/[current patch] and feel free to read through the .txt files.

Author: lncoming

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