Multiplayer Game Mode in ETS2 and ATS

Multiplayer Game Mode in ETS2 and ATS

The popular driving simulation games American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2 have finally received a multiplayer game mode update that caught a lot of hype when SCS Software, the company that made these games announced its release.

Known as the “Convoy Mode”, this new aspect of the game is currently in its beta phase, which means there are a lot of experimental changes going on in the game. However, you can still play and take a feel for multiplayer truck driving with loads of activities to do.

With the new Convoy mode, you can host a private server to simulate online trucking that offers weather conditions, synchronized traffic, time, and job-based tasks for a completely immersive gaming experience.

Presently, the game only allows up to eight players to join in a session, but the developers have reported about increasing the limit in future updates. As of now, you can play with your eight friends as the game is still in its development phase.

What Does Convoy Mode Offer?

With the Convoy mode, if you host a session in the game, you will have complete control over the simulated environment. You’ll also be able to moderate the session with the ability to kick people off the server. In case you want to join a session, you can sort them based on your interests.

The mode even features CB radio broadcast to offer rig-to-rig communication in addition to chat and quick reply features. In the event of any unfortunate instance like troubles with your session, you can also reload your progress through automatic save files.

What Are the Limitations of the Convoy Mode?

While players have reported the new Convoy mode to be very enjoyable and immersive, there are still some caveats that are expected to be solved in future releases of the game mode. There are also some features that still haven’t been implemented in the game.

If you have been playing ATS or ETS2 for a while, you may already know that ats mods and ets2 mods are an integral part of these games that allow players to explore new possibilities in the game. Unfortunately, mods are not supported in the initial release of Convoy as of now.

Moreover, the lifting bridges in the game haven’t been synchronized, which is why they remain in a stationary position. However, these issues are expected to be fixed soon as the developers are presently aware of them.


With the initial release of the much-awaited Convoy Mode, the game titles have introduced a completely new way to experience the immersive graphics and realistic experience of the games, that too with your friends. Take new jobs, sightsee scenic locations, enjoy yourself with your friends, and whatnot with this new game mode.

If you still have questions about Convoy mode in ETS2 and ATS check out our Convoy FAQ.

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