All you need to know about Convoys in ETS2 and ATS

All you need to know about Convoys in ETS2 and ATS
All you need to know about Convoys in ETS2 and ATS

Convoy is a new multiplayer game mode with synchronized, AI traffic. If you’re the host, you can set your job and truck details as well as set a password to prevent non-friends from joining. Joining a Convoy session requires a phone number to identify players before allowing them to play together.

We will try to answer the most frequently asked questions about how Convoy can help you improve your experience in American Truck Simulator & Euro Truck Simulator 2 with your friends.

Will there be MOD support in Convoy?

In the distant future, Convoy will have a server-side API that you can use to build a multiplayer session with a set of agreed-upon mods. It’s definitely on their roadmap, but it’s currently uncertain when it might happen. There are some technical challenges to allow third-party modifications, but the developers are looking into it.

I can’t see my friend’s hosted session

In order to see a friend’s hosted session, you must both be friends on Steam and have the same version of the game updated. Furthermore, you must both be set to online on your Steam friend list to be able to join the hosted sessions. If you can’t see a distant friend’s hosted session, you may need to change your Steam download region to match theirs.

What about maps DLCs? Do all players need to own the same ones?

If your friend owns a DLC map, you can join his convoy in multiplayer mode, but if he is in an area that you do not own the DLC for, you will see a black-covered area where the map is supposed to be.

Is there a speed limit in Convoy mode?

In the Convoy mode, there’s a speed limit by default. However, you can set the maximum speed limit in Convoy mode. Under the “Settings” section, just find the “Speed Limit” tab and input the speed limit you want to enforce for your job.

I am constantly having FPS problems in Convoy mode only.

The Convoy multiplayer mode requires a lot of resources, so it is normal to experience low frames per second (FPS) in this mode. If your FPS is suspiciously low, reach out to the company’s support channel to get professional help.

How can I unban someone who I banned in the Convoy session?

To unban a player, go to your profile folder (in ATS/ETS2, in Documents), select the specifically banned profile, and open the “ban list” file with a text editor. Delete the line that contains the banned user and then restart the convoy session to apply the changes.

Is Convoy a form of peer-to-peer gaming?

Convoy is a “peer-to-peer” game in the sense that there is no central server to manage all players. In Convoy, you play with other real people while sharing a common goal. More specifically, one player in the game is designated as the server for other players.

Will the maximum players limit be increased?

While Convoy is still at the very beginning of its development, many important features are being worked on right now. Soon, Convoy will be available to more players. While the developers are working on these features, they have set a player limit of 8 people as of now.

How do I add someone to my friends that I enjoyed driving with?

Find the player’s Steam profile by clicking on his name in the player list when in the Convoy app or overlay. Then open their profile and add them as a friend on Steam. You can also add gamers to your friend list by adding their unique Steam friend code.

Can I turn off the nametags of other players?

You can disable the nametags of other players in Convoy! This feature can be accessed using the default hotkey of ‘Z’. You can also change this hotkey by going to your options menu.

Does the session have to end if the hosting player leaves?

If the host leaves the session, the server will shut down and this will disconnect all players. In the unlikely event that a player drops from a session, your gameplay can be saved until he connects again. If not, you have the option of rolling back to the last checkpoint.


So, these were some of the most commonly asked questions by convoy players. We hope that all your doubts related to this new game mode are cleared. If yes, then go ahead and enjoy the unique gameplay experience of this amazing game mode.

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  1. I love playing ATS convoy mode with some of my long distance friends. It keeps us much for a left while driving and often times the front person warns the other’s in the convoy of traffic, or random event that is up a head before it is too late. It’s a fun game mode and I can’t wait for the higher limit to be released by SCS.

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