Super Rascals V0.7 (Formerly Child Vampire Manifestation) for Sims 4

Sims 4 Super Rascals V0.7 Formerly Child Vampire Manifestation mod
Super Rascals V0.7 (Formerly Child Vampire Manifestation) for Sims 4

Notice February 5th, 2024: I have updated the mod that handles both vampires and spellcasters, all I changed was the base file and so far my playtesting hasn’t yielded any issues. Please test and let me know if you run into any. I will update the vamp-only and spellcaster-only versions in the coming weeks, based on the received feedback.

Notice January 27th, 2023: I’m currently looking at the mod to see if the new high school expansion damaged it in any way. Also, bad news, the mermaids are done differently from the vampires and spellcasters in a way that completely bakes them into the game’s engine core. So I’m putting them aside for a while. Once I’m sure the mod isn’t broken, I’ll turn to werewolves – though I know the werewolves expansion *already* has some unique stuff for kiddos, so I need to play the game normally and see what’s what before I go too deep into changes.

Notice June 25th, 2022: Version 0.7 is released! Note that there are now THREE versions of the mod to download; one that impacts only vampire kiddos, one for spellcaster kiddos, and one that works on both. The spellcaster kids seem to be doing fine, but as always, if anyone runs into issues of any kind, please leave me a comment and let me know so that I can fix it.

If anyone is interested in beta testing, toss me an email (dipper at deadlypuppy dot com).

Notice June 19th, 2022: I’m expanding! Version 0.6 is my reskin of the original mod, updated for the Werewolves patch. But it still only affects vampires… there are little mermaids/mermen, spellcasters and werewolves just crying and howling out to be free too! Over the next few months, I’ll release first spellcasters (0.7), then Merfolk (0.8), and finally the werewolves (0.9).

Super Rascals Version 0.7
Are you tired of little vampires who don’t feel like little vampires? Sim kids constantly whining at you that they’re old enough for Hogwarts, but still can’t wave a wand? Toss on this mod and let those little rascals embrace their inner specialness!

You can reach me on Discord at Dipper#6657 if you have questions or comments. I’m also reachable at dipperjc on Origin and by email (dipper at deadlypuppy dot com), where I’d love to see screenshots of the mod in action or hear how you’re using it!

File format: dipper-modname[-Grouping-modsection.version.package

For The Grouping Area:
V = Vampires
M = Mermaids/Mermen
S = Spellcasters
W = Werewolves

This mod is divided into multiple segments, each of which accomplishes the following:


  • Vampire Children now have the following vampire characteristics:
  • Vulnerability to Sunlight (including ability to die by sunlight exposure)
  • Hunger, Bladder and Energy Needs Removed
  • Thirst Need Added
  • Vampire Energy Bar Added
  • Need to Drink Plasma in order to Replenish Thirst
  • Vampires now age through Young Adult and Adult stages to Elder.
  • Vampire children can now drink plasma packs and eat plasma fruit to restore Thirst.


  • All NPC Vampire Archetypes can now appear at any age from child through elder.


  • Child Vampires can now sleep in coffins and perform Dark Meditation to replenish Vampire Energy.
  • Through a notification button that appears when children perform Dark Meditation, they can purchase powers and use those powers once purchased.


  • Child Vampires can now feed on other sims (age Child through Elder) to restore Thirst.
  • Vampires who feed on other sims are restored to the beginning of their age category, as though they’d drunk a Potion of Youth. This means that a ritual plasma fruit/plasma pack diet is required to advance to the next age category.
  • All Manifested vampires can now feed on human children.


  • Child Vampires with the appropriate turning power can turn others into vampires, same as their older counterparts.
  • All vampires with the appropriate turning power can turn human children into vampires.


  • Child Spellcasters can now use the “Practice Spellcasting” actions and learn spells. The base mod doesn’t allow them to cast the spells they’ve learned, but they do still earn XP, giving them a head start on their magical education.
  • The “Open Spellbook” interaction no longer functions as intended. Instead, it opens a notification button with the spellcaster’s picture. Clicking on that picture will open the spellcaster perks menu, and the spellbook can be opened from there.
  • Child Spellcasters can now use their Glimmerstone to enter the Magic Realm.


  • Child Spellcasters can now duel and be dueled by all other manifested spellcasters, including other children.


  • Child Spellcasters can experiment with cauldrons, learn Alchemy recipes, and make potions.
  • I’m not really sure what else they can do. Have I mentioned I need beta-testers?
  • Adults can now use the Science Table to make basic kid potions. Turnabout is fair play.


  • Child Spellcasters can now cast all spells that they have learned, except for love spells.
  • Magical and nonmagical children can now be targets of all spells, and can be cursed by spell failure. (Sorry kiddos, fair is fair.) This does not apply to love spells.

S-Love spells

  • Child Spellcasters can now cast love spells as well. They cannot, however, be targeted by them.


  • Child Spellcasters can benefit from the purchase of perks.
  • Child spellcasters can be injured and killed by Charge Overload.
  • Child spellcasters of sufficient level have access to the Rites of Ascension and Dissolution.

General Known Issues:

  • As is often the case when child sims do adult-ish things, their legs tend to stretch out long.
  • The Vampire UI for children doesn’t show XP or the button to purchase powers/weaknesses. The current workaround is to perform Dark Meditation and click the button in the notification that appears.
  • The Spellcaster UI for children doesn’t show XP or the button to purchase perks. The current workaround is to select Open Spellbook and click the button in the notification that appears.
  • Created vampire children do not get the bat form.
  • Child Vampires don’t seem to have a Dark Form that differentiates from their normal form anymore. I think this is because the CAS age-gate moved into the Flash scripting files. It’s kinda neat, there’s nothing more bizarre than watching a child vampire in a bear costume feed on someone.

Author: Dipper

How to install this mod (Full installation guide)

  1. Download the mod (ModsHost download guide).
  2. Find the mods folder on your computer
    • Windows – /Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods
    • Mac – /Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods
  3. Copy the downloaded file to your Mods folder
  4. Launch the game and enjoy your mod!
  5. Problems? Ask for help!
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