Random Showers Override for Sims 4

Random Showers for Sims 4
Random Showers for Sims 4


This mod makes every shower your sim takes have a random chance of applying a buff, instead of letting you choose which buff you want by taking different types of showers- because I like my game to be harder than normal, and I don’t think it makes a lot of sense that I can just CHOOSE to be inspired by the shower.

It entirely removes the special shower options. The only actions available are your standard Take Shower and, if applicable, Sing in Shower interactions.

At the end of your shower, you’ll get one of 7 buffs, each of which lasts 5 hours or until you take another shower:

Standard Shower!
Fine Buff
No special effects

Steamy Shower!
Flirty Buff
Lowers effects of Sad buffs

Shivery Shower!
Uncomfortable Buff
Increases effects of Angry buffs
Outright removes Flirty buffs

Silly Shower!
Playful Buff

Lowers effects of Sad Buffs

Sensational Shower!
Energized Buff
Lowers effects of Angry buffs
Removes Tense buffs

Smart Shower!
Inspired Buff
Increases effects of Confident buffs

Sad Shower…
Sad Buff
Lowers effects of Happy Buffs

Normally, special shower types have effects. The Brisk Shower for example lowers the duration of Angry and Flirty buffs by cooling you down. Since these interactions are now gone, these moodlets attempt to mimic those effects. So the end result is a bit hacky and different. These buffs are also OVERRIDES to the original buffs from the original shower types.

You WILL still get moodlets for cheap, expensive, and upgraded showers!

The “Standard Shower” buff, in theory, has a higher chance of occurring than any of the others. In execution, it still feels purely random. If you take multiple showers you can get different results but it will still be random and will remove the buffs you got previously, so you can brute force a result if you REALLY want to, I guess.


Two Versions, Normal and Strong. Normal is +1 moodlets, Strong is +2.

Thank you to Tralfaz for the initial XMLs randomizing the buffs, and to Frankk for being my rock while the entire thing went to hell for reasons I’m not going to explain right now. This mod took me 5 hours to get working, if you can believe it!

Author: InternWaffle

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