Country Music Channel and Western Music Channel for Sims 4

Sims 4 Country Music Channel and Western Music Channel mod
Country Music Channel and Western Music Channel for Sims 4

You AND your Sims deserve a broader selection of music on your stereos. Thanks to Sasha T1804’s ingenious Radio Channel Generator, we can now offer you two new stations: The Country Music Channel and the Western Music Channel!

NOTE: You MUST download and install the Custom Channel Injector for these stations to show up on your music devices in-game.

Did you reckon EA woulda put out an appropriate new music channel for the Horse Pack? Yuh reckoned wrong, then. But we got yer back, pardner, cuz we’re a-givin’ yuh BOTH kinds of music: Country AND Western.

And Munna them pesky LYRICS, neither, with their strained, extended (but admittedly sometimes humorous) metaphors or puns, inna language yer Sims cain’t understand anyways. These here songs er’ all whatcha call “in-stroo-mental”. so Sims can focus on their ranch work ‘n’ not lose a foot in the nectar press whilst distracted by some plangent rural narrative, like as happened to my Uncle Jesse.

The Country and Western Channels will be available on all stereos and music devices and show up as a choosable and developable Preference Trait in CAS. It is indicated by custom icons. Strongly recommended for use with these channels: the Horse Ranch Pack and an open bottle of nectar. You don’t have to be a cowboy/rancher to enjoy Country or Western Music… but it certainly helps.

The Country Channel features 23 tracks, downloaded from royalty-free sources. These are the more lyrical or bluegrass songs; the kind of music that Country/Western characters in a movie might listen to.

  • 30 Seconds of Bluegrass (Caffeine Creek Band)
  • Banjo Romp (Caffeine Creek Band)
  • Californian Country Style (JuliusH)
  • County Fiddle (Daddy’s Music)
  • Country Fun (Ononychenko Music)
  • Country Pop (Caffeine Creek Band)
  • Country Rock (LiteSaturation)
  • Country Violin (PlatonDavydov)
  • Cowboy’s Sundown (JuliusH)
  • It’s All Country (Caffeine Creek Band)
  • More Country (Caffeine Creek Band)
  • Motivational Acoustic Upbeat Country Folk (Ononychenko Music)
  • Train Trip (Mr. Fothergill)
  • Goldpanning (Mr. Fothergill)
  • Ukulele Swing (Matthew Mike Cole)
  • Upbeat Country Blues (AudioCoffee)
  • Piano Honkytonk (Brolefilmer)
  • Sacramento Railroad Trip (JuliusH)
  • Slap Happy Country Boy (Frederick J. Benjamin)
  • Bluegrass Banjo (JuliusH)
  • Dance Virus (Leke Ojikuto)
  • Old Texas (Ononychenko Music)
  • Reflective and Peaceful (Keyframe Audio)

The Western Channel features 24 tracks, downloaded from royalty-free sources. These are the more orchestral or cinematic pieces; the kind of music that would play as the background soundtrack in a Western.

  • Know What To Say (Bakstag)
  • Last Stand (Gabriel Douglas)
  • Once Upon in Texas (Moodmode)
  • Ridem Cowboy (Pretty Sleepy)
  • Tombstone Dusty Heat (Red Hat Mike)
  • Western 125 (QubeSounds)
  • Western Acoustic (Roy Bush Band)
  • Western Background Music (Roy Bush Band)
  • Western Theme (Brolefilmer)
  • When I Play Alone (Gst Sound)
  • Wild West Wedding (Ononychenko Music)
  • Wild Wild Western (JuliusH)
  • Beautiful Contemplation (Roma Record 1973)
  • Cancion (Facundo)
  • Country Folk Violin (PlatonDavydov)
  • Cowboy Versus (NiHI222)
  • Dark Country Rock (Moodmode)
  • Dark Western (Roy Bush Band)
  • Echo Canyon (Clive Romney)
  • Forest Time (ArtMusic)
  • Free Canjon (Lobo Loco)
  • Happy Acoustic (Sigma Music Art)
  • Happy Guitar (JCM Music)
  • Hard Work (LiteSaturation)

Authors: Scipio Garling

How to install this mod (Full installation guide)

  1. Download the mod (ModsHost download guide).
  2. Find the mods folder on your computer
    • Windows – /Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods
    • Mac – /Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods
  3. Copy the downloaded file to your Mods folder
  4. Launch the game and enjoy your mod!
  5. Problems? Ask for help!
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