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Sims 4 The NEW Pizzas but Added to Pizza Delivery mod
The NEW Pizzas but Added to Pizza Delivery for Sims 4

This mod requires the Home Chef Hustle pack, though the option to set that requirement is not showing up for me when uploading this.

This mod overrides the following XMLs: ServiceNpc_PizzaDelivery [9826] and serviceNpc_PizzaDelivery_free [200892].

Home Chef Hustle’s oven adds among its recipes 8 new pizzas but said pizzas cannot be ordered on pizza delivery, making them quite difficult to access if you don’t have a Sim making them. That most definitely needs a fix.

This mod seeks to fix this by adding the 8 pizzas to the Order a Pizza service. Because oven-made pizzas can be worth considerably more than the older pizzas in the game, prices have been adjusted accordingly, so that all pizzas ordered can only be worth the 25 simoleons they cost. This means their retail value will not be as high as that of actually crafted pizzas of the same type, expressly for the ordered pizzas not having an absurd resale potential.

Nothing here is custom, the pizzas are all from Home Chef Hustle.

The Added Pizzas Are The Following:
Marinara Pizza
Margherita Pizza

Pineapple Pizza
Caliente Pizza
Garden Pizza
Seafood Pizza
Quattro Stagioni Pizza
Curious Pizza

The original recipes have not been overridden, these are simply clones that will behave in the same manner. They will show up on a closed pizza box, then change to an open-box form once placed down. They can be eaten normally. They will behave as regular ordered pizzas, as in the end that is exactly what they will be.

All pizzas have icons established for when you browse them in the order menu. You will be able to see an accurate preview of them there.

Author: baniduhaine

How to install this mod (Full installation guide)

  1. Download the mod (ModsHost download guide).
  2. Find the mods folder on your computer
    • Windows – /Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods
    • Mac – /Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods
  3. Copy the downloaded file to your Mods folder
  4. Launch the game and enjoy your mod!
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