Download Spines Of America (Chapter 2) RDR2 Save Mod

RDR2 Save Mod: Spines Of America (Chapter 2) (Featured)
RDR2 Save Mod: Spines Of America (Chapter 2)

A save file right after the Spines Of America Mission with all satchels and weapon equipment unlocked (More details below! PLEASE READ!)

All Satchels Crafted!
All Challenges Completed! (Except Master Hunter 10)
Honorable Save, All lives spare! (Including Jimmy Brooks)
All weapon equipment unlocked at the trapper! (You still have to buy them!)

No Legendary Animals Hunted!
All Weapons Unlocked At The Gunsmiths!
All Camp Upgrades Purchased! (Including Pearson’s upgrades!)

(The mission “A Quiet Time” has NOT been completed)

Another note: I released a file similar to this a few weeks ago, though due to a bug with the save editor it broke (removes Arthurs journal)
I Had To Do Everything Manually This Time!

Author: TheRaptorMovies

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