Chapter 1 Complete Gold Medal Save for RDR2

Chapter 1 Complete Gold Medal for Red Dead Redemption 2
Chapter 1 Complete Gold Medal for RDR2


This Mod Has The Save File Of RDR2 Chapter 1 Full Gold Medal Completed, Except Last Mission In The Chapter, But For That Mission To Get Gold Medal It’s Easy, You Only Need To Play The Mission And Not Waste Time + For Those Who Don’t Know, You Need To Pick Up Javier Too For The Gold Medal, And Just Don’t Waste Time ’cause You Got A Timer!

Of course, if you play the mission and do the objectives one by one, this should be no problem, just ride normally to the camp, listen to the dialogue, my advice, turn the camera view on and just hold the A/Shift button and just relax, but after the cutscene where Hosea gives you herbs, just tap A/Shift until you reach the camp, that way you can get Javier and go to the last checkpoint no problem.

Bonus Content, I Own The Ultimate Edition Version So You Should Have The Ultimate Edition Bonus Content Available As You Progress Through The Story!
And This Is All You Need To Know, Best Of Luck!

Author: PlayitRAM

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