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ZIL-157 “Babai” Truck V29.09.22

ZIL-157 “Babai” Truck V29.09.22 for MudRunner

ZIL-157 – off-road truck. There is no animation of slurry in tanks (began to annoy) and collision of bridges. The Mod Has: 10 own + 5 standard add-ons; Your cargo. Author of the 3d model: Vladimir Vysoky, published with the permission of the author. Thanks for the help to Alexey Bochkov aka Casper_B_A. Version 29.09.22…

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1952 Forest GMC 950 6×6

1952 Forest GMC 950 6×6 for MudRunner

The modification is a conversion from the Old Timers DLC, GMC 950 6×6 truck. The mod has a folder with cockpit textures (8 pieces). It’s called “Replacement Textures”, choose which one you like and copy it to the Replacement TextureCache folder. Default car textures (Green2). The Mod Has: 17 own addons + default trailers.

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2018 Tatra T815-7 Force

2018 Tatra T815-7 Force for MudRunner

The mod itself is an envelope from the SnowRunner game. Envelope author: ryszard. The mod has a folder with textures, (camouflage, Green), by default the textures of the car (Green). Texture author: kvarc999 Choose which one you like and copy it to the TextureCache folder, where the main replacement mod is located. Happy rides! The…

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ZIS-5 Truck

ZIS-5 Truck for MudRunner

Addons: Board. body (for logs and hay (2 cargo points); Tent on the body (for cargo “soldiers” (4 cargo points); Fuel (640 liters and 2 garage points); Canisters in salon (75 liters); Box on board. bodywork (150 repair points); Spare wheel (100 repair points); Tank “Refueller” (1400 liters); Number (10 repair points); 2 rear-view mirrors…

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ZIS-36 1940 Truck V01.05.20

ZIS-36 1940 Truck V01.05.20 for MudRunner

Experienced three-axle all-wheel drive truck ZIS-36 model 1940. It differs from the ZIS-6 with a slightly more powerful engine and, accordingly, a drive to all three axles. All parts (except for the cockpit) and add-ons are made by the author from scratch. Your sounds. Hoods and doors open at the cab, a cooling fan runs…

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Kamaz-54115 Truck V14.05.22

Kamaz-54115 Truck V14.05.22 for MudRunner

KamAZ-54115 – a truck tractor was produced by the Kama Automobile Plant from 2000 to 2011. The KamAZ 5410 became the prototype of the car, which has a slightly different combination of elements located behind the cab. It Has: ✔ 12 own + 4 standard addons; ✔ various animations; ✔ your cargo. Author of the…

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MAN TGX 6×2 Truck

MAN TGX 6×2 Truck for MudRunner

Man TGX 6×2. The mod has good cross-country ability for a mono drive. ✔ Has 15 of its own and 4 default addons; ✔ Has its own loads and sounds. In multiplayer, it only works with SpintiresMod.exe. Of course, there are shoals, water in the cabin, no hoses for semi-trailers, no slurry in the tank,…

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K5 8×8 Truck V26.02.22

K5 8×8 Truck V26.02.22 for MudRunner

The promising KAMAZ-65951 dump truck with a K5 generation cab and 8×4 wheel arrangement is currently undergoing intensive testing at the NAMI test site in Dmitrov. After a little thought, I bungled my 8×8 timber truck on this base. ✔ Autonomy transports short and medium logs, respectively 3 and 4 points; ✔ The trailer transports…

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