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Pack Of Semi-Trailers

Pack Of Semi-Trailers for MudRunner

Trailer pack for Mudrunner based on SnowRunner + 3-axle log trailer from DLC USA. Mod V1.0 Includes: ✔ 3x garage semi-trailer 4 points; ✔ Semi-trailer logs with cargo 6 points; ✔ 3-axle trailer with cargo 5 points; ✔ The mod is compatible with most trucks converted from snowmobiles from different authors (slot Type=”Semitrailer”); ✔ Requires…

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Semi-Trailer Container Chassis V16.12.21

Semi-Trailer Container Chassis V16.12.21 for MudRunner

✔ 3d models of ETS-2 standard; ✔ 5 semi-trailers; ✔ 3 weights for 4 and 6 points. 2 semi-trailers in the form of a double hitch, they cannot be transported with them, since it is impossible to attach to a second trailer, containers in the form of repairs and garage glasses are installed on one,…

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Tral Dozer

Tral Dozer for MudRunner

The envelope of this mod. The trawl carries 8 points of cargo, clings to a regular hitch and to trucks that have a default hitch.

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Scaut Trailers Pack Mod V1.1

Scaut Trailers Pack Mod V1.1 for MudRunner

Pack original Scaut trailers. Envelope from SnowRunner. Works with default + vehicles from the Scaut DLC. 2 points, 2 garage points, 900 liters of fuel. Fully compatible with dlc_usa. The mod was tested on the game version 03/22/19.

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Trailer 5 Points V03.05.21

Trailer 5 Points V03.05.21 for MudRunner

The trailer loads 5 cargo points (4 short logs) and 8 cargo points (3 medium logs). It also has 300 repair points and 350 liters of fuel. There is a possibility to block the front axle of the trailer when driving backwards. Attaches to all trucks that have a registration of standard trailers. including trucks…

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Semitrailer-Rocket Carrier

Semitrailer-Rocket Carrier for MudRunner

Another envelope from Snowrunner, this time from a Chinese author. Two semi-trailers are in vogue, one with garage parts, the other with a load. They cling to everything that has a default coupling.

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Semi-Trailer VAN

Semi-Trailer VAN for MudRunner

Features: Garage parts 4 points; Repair 300 pts; Fuel 300 pts; This mod is for those who like to open a garage with semi-trailers; Textures from ETS 2.

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Trailer Pack From Snowrunner V26.08.20

Trailer Pack From Snowrunner V26.08.20 for MudRunner

7 trailers for different purposes. These Trailers Are Designed For Freightliner M916A1, Ford CLT9000, Azov 4220 Antarctic, Freightliner 114SD And For Those Mods That Will Be Released In The Future! Version 26.08.20 For Spintires: MudRunner (v14.08.19): Added trailer for 4 loading points with DLC “American Wilds”

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