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Auto-Crane Galician V11.10.19

Auto-Crane Galician V11.10.19 for MudRunner

Auto-crane “Galichanin” on the basis of MZKT 790200 with a wheel arrangement of 10×10, with a lifting capacity of 80 tons. Mod in test version. Addon – the bridge is designed for the transfer of equipment through small cliffs and streams. The addon is also in the test version, unsubscribe in the comments about the…

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GAZ-5923 (BTR-90) Mod V14.12.21

GAZ-5923 (BTR-90) Mod V14.12.21 for MudRunner

The idea of throwing bunks on it, and attaching the dissolution is rather strange, but within the framework of the game it is quite possible, the technique is powerful, the dissolution with long logs pulls confidently. It is based on a 3d model from the Metro: Exodus game, with additional details. Default sounds. ✔ 3…

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Norrland TK910 Mod

Norrland TK910 Mod for MudRunner

For the sake of interest, I converted this little crane from SnowRunner. But since I didn’t really like his behavior (although the model itself is very good), so that the work does not go to waste, I post it on the site, maybe it will be useful to someone.

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Forklift Mod V14.12.21

Forklift Mod V14.12.21 for MudRunner

Good day. There was nothing to do, I decided to add this unit, a model with textures with 3d modeles. To tell the truth, the AP-4045 will be more comfortable, because it stands on 4 wheels, and in general it is larger and feels more confident. I decided to load what I got, perhaps it…

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Jeep Safari: Mighty FC Concept Mod

Jeep Safari: Mighty FC Concept Mod for MudRunner

Envelope mod from the game SnowRunner, from the author JohnJohnHotRod. Description from the original author: “This truck is based on a unique concept car created by the manufacturer Jeep. The original car debuted at the 2012 Easter Cool Safari in Moab, Utah. I modeled this on what it would look like if it debuted in…

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Gazelle Next Mod

Gazelle Next Mod for MudRunner

An envelope of an excellent mod from the game SnowRunner from the author k0les0. There are two cars in fashion, differences in color. From Addons: ✔ GAZ logo; ✔ Bumper; ✔ Spoiler, kenguryatniki; ✔ Board with cargo, awning-rem, booth-garage; ✔ Fuel barrel and so on. There are many more interesting add-ons that can be installed…

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Tatra Mod – 805

Tatra Mod – 805 for MudRunner

The envelope of the default truck from the SnowRunner game. Tatra-805 or “Tadpole from Czechoslovakia” – as I call it. There are two cars in fashion with different textures. There are addons, I also added an onboard platform with a load from this mod. P.S. The mod did not plan to spread it, due to…

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