MudRunner Materials Mods

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Burnt CAR Editor

Burnt CAR Editor for MudRunner

Burnt car for the editors of SpinTires and MudRunner. Looks good in landfills. Low poly, 1.9K polygons (triangles), 1K textures. Static. For convenience, the screen of the object in the archive.

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Garage For Editor Mudrunner

Garage For Editor Mudrunner for MudRunner

A garage for the MudRunner editor. Textures: resolution 2K + default (if you wish, you can squeeze it to 1K); Polygons: 800; There are 3 objects in fashion – the garage itself and the gate, you can drive into the garage, put a car or trailers when creating a map, etc., the gate can be…

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Object “House-1” For The Editor V1.2

Object “House-1” For The Editor V1.2 for MudRunner

Suitable for SpinTires, but for it I will load it separately without the extra texture that is in the game by default, unlike MudRunner. A home object for the MudRunner editor. ✔ Installed in the Media folder; ✔ Unpacked object weight: 8.4 mb; ✔ Polygons: 1764; ✔ Textures: 2K + registration def. textures (slate and…

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NEW Grass For Editor “Grass1”

NEW Grass For Editor “Grass1” for MudRunner

New grass for mapmakers. It will add variety, it should look good in the meadows. Differences from the version for SpinTires only in registration. It is applied with a brush, registration for it is in the archive, instructions are there. Installed as a normal mod in the editor’s Media folder.

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Wheat Editor

Wheat Editor for MudRunner

Take Wheat For The Editor! I made it according to the principle of grass, applied with a brush, registration of the brush itself in the archive, instructions in the same place. Low poly, there should be no fps drops. Will complement the autumn atmosphere.

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Objects For The Map Editor V2

Objects For The Map Editor V2 for MudRunner

The models were taken from the Internet and adapted for the editor. For some models, you will need to adjust their dimensions in the editor. Version 2: Added 3 Models: 1) Refueling; 2) Garages; 3) Old brick house.

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