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Real SKY

Real SKY for MudRunner

Realistic sky for the game MudRunner. There are 5 cloud options in the archive. Installation on a clean game: drop the Media, MeshCache, TextureCache and Config.XML folders into the game directory, with a replacement. Config.XML for those who have no experience in config messaging. Everything is already written there. Installation for those who have Adega…

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Setting Reshade

Setting Reshade for MudRunner

Here I made the ReShade setting for the most beautiful graphics. Attention, ReShade reduces FPS! It is recommended to install this Adega mod. Download, then open the readme, then follow the readme.

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NEW Titles + NEW Font

NEW Titles + NEW Font for MudRunner

The Mod Does The Following: ✔ Replaces the names of vehicles; ✔ Replaces the names of trailers; ✔ Replaces the names of modules; ✔ Removes the value “distance” from the mark on the compass; ✔ Replaces the status of the module / trailer in the garage menu; ✔ Replaces the in-game font. When creating the…

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Default Transport + Physics V03.07.21

Default Transport + Physics V03.07.21 for MudRunner

This Mod Changes: ✔ radiator grilles for original ✔ physics of car movement ✔ physics of mud and water ✔ graphical game settings ✔ adds new addons for default vehicles + semi-trailers / trailers ✔ adds additional trucks (optional) Graphics : ✔ The graphics mod is based on the first graphics releases from Adega, but…

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Riding PIG

Riding PIG for MudRunner

Another game from Chinese authors – this time a riding pig, there are no add-ons, but there is excellent cross-country ability. Version 1 For Spintires: MudRunner (v10.06.19): At the request of users, Tormentor80 made the mod even more insane, adding light from the eyes and colored smoke from … where it should come from. Attention,…

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Colored Heavens 2 Secon V2.5

Colored Heavens 2 Secon V2.5 for MudRunner

Mod remake Colored Heaven 2 (link near the author’s name), a simplified version for Mudrunner. Changes The Lighting, The Sky In The Same Way. Set Of Colors, Brightness And Texture. Also contains a camera fix for trucks when the default camera is too close. Install by renaming the daystates blue / yellow folder to “daystates”….

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