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MudRunner Kamaz Truck Mod: 6560 Pack (Featured)
MudRunner Kamaz Truck Mod: 6560 Pack

Modification and repainting of the mod. There are two trucks in the mod: a civilian and a military version. Differences in the color of the cabins, the color of the add-ons, the color of the wheels, the add-ons themselves and the power. The civilian version has 29 of its own and 4 default add-ons, can carry 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 points of cargo. The military version has 9 of its add-ons, it can carry 3.3 + 3 points of cargo.

Changes From The Original:
✔ Reconfigured the front wheel suspension;
✔ Increased tank volume;
✔ Added animation of fuel in tanks;
✔ Increased durability points;
✔ Reduced power for the civilian version, increased for the military version;
✔ Reconfigured gearbox;
✔ Changed the position of the camera when viewed from a third person;
✔ Completely reconfigured lighting;
✔ Many native addons have reconfigured mass, center of mass, game points, lighting, loading zones, drop points, suspension, etc.

Changing Textures:
✔ New truck colors;
✔ Darker frame, reduced gloss;
✔ Darker tires;

✔ Repainted discs (each truck has its own color);
✔ Repainted all native add-ons and cargo.

Added 16 new addons, many addons repainted, rebalanced, lighting adjusted, etc.
✔ Dump truck from the mod (so that the back cover does not jam, first open the lock, then raise the body);
✔ Tank from the mod;
✔ Kung from mod;
✔ Kung from mod;
✔ Autonomy and trailer from the mod;
✔ Board and board with a crane from the mod;
✔ Exhaust pipe from mod;
✔ Faucet from mod;
✔ Protection from the mod;
✔ Orange flasher from mod;
✔ Blue flasher;
✔ Stand for a flashing light from the mod;
✔ Tow truck from the mod;
✔ Timber semi-trailer from mod.

Author: kvarc999

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