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Sounds For Spintires: Mudrunner V07.08.19

Sounds For Spintires: Mudrunner V07.08.19 for MudRunner

This mod from Spintires from another author, added well-known melodies and funny voiceovers from films of famous actors, some tracks can be repeated at once, depending on the terrain of the map, don’t judge strictly, everyone is in a good mood. Installation: upload these files to the Media Sound folder with replacement.

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NEW Sound For Hummer H1

NEW Sound For Hummer H1 for MudRunner

Replaces the standard Hummer H1 sound with the Hummer H2 sound from SnowRunner. Installation method: transfer the contents of the archive to the archive _dlc_usa in sounds in hummer, removing the original files. Don’t Forget To Keep The Original Files! ATTENTION! The mod functions fully with EGS (“Epic Version”). No version tested on Steam. Write…

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Sound Mod Yamz 236 For MAZ 509 And 5337

Sound Mod Yamz 236 For MAZ 509 And 5337 for MudRunner

Sounds of YaMZ 236. In the archive for MAZ 509 from pokemone and MAZ 5337 from Barda4ok22. It Is Suitable For Other Cars With The YaMZ 236 Engine. To Install Files From The Media Folder In My Archive, Drop One Of The MAZs Into The Media Folder As A Replacement. You Can Also Register Yourself…

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Sound Of AIR Discharge ZIL-130 And ZIL-131

Sound Of AIR Discharge ZIL-130 And ZIL-131 for MudRunner

A script for the sound of dumping excess air from receivers is added; it is displayed in a separate registration, earlier in the game the sound of dumping air from the brake system was used. There are 3 folders in the archive: classes, scripts, sounds. We’ll drop the last two folders into any ZIL mod…

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Sounds Pack (Sound Signals)

Sounds Pack (Sound Signals) for MudRunner

Sound Signals Were Recorded From 3 Games: American Truck Simulator; Euro Truck Simulator 2; Truckers 2. Installation: go to the folder with the game, then The sounds and truck folders are thrown with a replacement. Any version of the game.

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Ural 375D Straight Pipe V8

Ural 375D Straight Pipe V8 for MudRunner

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