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ZIL-157 “Babai” Truck V29.09.22

ZIL-157 “Babai” Truck V29.09.22 for MudRunner

ZIL-157 – off-road truck. There is no animation of slurry in tanks (began to annoy) and collision of bridges. The Mod Has: 10 own + 5 standard add-ons; Your cargo. Author of the 3d model: Vladimir Vysoky, published with the permission of the author. Thanks for the help to Alexey Bochkov aka Casper_B_A. Version 29.09.22…

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Type B-133 Truck

Type B-133 Truck for MudRunner

The Type B-133 is a fictional truck from the Spintires universe. Based on the experimental ZIL-E133VYAT truck tractor, created in the Soviet Union. However, unlike its real counterpart, the model in the game has a different grille, different fenders and headlights. There are few add-ons, mostly standard ones. There is a saddle, all semi-trailers registered…

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Step-310E Truck

Step-310E Truck for MudRunner

The envelope of the default truck from the SnowRunner game (in the original Zil-E133VYAT). Another mod in good hands. Add-ons from Snow do not suit him at all, so I did not add anything (there is a registration, if you have envelopes from SnowRunner, then add-ons may appear). Of the add-ons, only attachments (bumpers, beacons,…

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Zil-133Gya Truck V02.07.21

Zil-133Gya Truck V02.07.21 for MudRunner

ZIL-133 is a Soviet and Russian truck produced by ZIL. Serially produced from 1975 to 1999. The first prototypes were produced in 1970. It was a three-axle (6 × 4) national-economic modification of increased carrying capacity based on a massive two-axle (4 × 2) truck ZIL-130. ZIL-133G2 – 10-ton model. Equipped with a standard 150-horsepower…

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ZIL-157 “Babay” Truck V16.03.21

ZIL-157 “Babay” Truck V16.03.21 for MudRunner

ZIL-157 – off-road truck produced by the Plant named after Likhachev (ZIL). Serially produced since 1958, mainly for the Armed Forces of the USSR. The cabin was from the ZIS-151 with minor changes. In the Armed Forces, it was subsequently replaced by ZIL-131 and Ural-375. A total of 797,934 copies of all modifications were produced….

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