Teamwork Map V20.10.22

Teamwork Map V20.10.22 for MudRunner

Today we have a rather unusual business trip .. We will run in an abandoned territory, maybe there was a road here once, but it was definitely a long time ago … If I were you, I definitely wouldn’t take elongated breaks, but in a team of two cars with a hitch, this is an…

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1952 Forest GMC 950 6×6

1952 Forest GMC 950 6×6 for MudRunner

The modification is a conversion from the Old Timers DLC, GMC 950 6×6 truck. The mod has a folder with cockpit textures (8 pieces). It’s called “Replacement Textures”, choose which one you like and copy it to the Replacement TextureCache folder. Default car textures (Green2). The Mod Has: 17 own addons + default trailers.

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Toyota Sequoia 2008

Toyota Sequoia 2008 for MudRunner

Toyota Sequoia is not just the flagship of the Toyota off-road line, but also a vivid embodiment of the 65-year history of the legendary Toyota family, a history full of victories, records and achievements. The epitome of endurance and premium comfort. Toyota Sequoia is deservedly considered one of the best SUVs in the world, for…

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Nica2 Map

Nica2 Map for MudRunner

On The Map: 1 refueling; 1 garage (closed); 1 loading point + auto loading; 10 reconnaissance points; 8 sawmills; 3 starting slots; Map size: 1×1 km (summer and autumn). Removed paired sawmills; Added 2 starting slots; Map without third-party mods.

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Mult-Peredel Map V20.05.22

Mult-Peredel Map V20.05.22 for MudRunner

The map is hardcore! There is, in some places, deep mud and deep fords. You can forget about default. On The Map: ✔ 1 garage (closed); ✔ 1 fuel station; ✔ 4 reconnaissance points; ✔ 2 loading points; ✔ 13 sawmills; ✔ 4 car slots (replaceable). Size: 544 by 544 meters.

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Auto-Crane Galician V11.10.19

Auto-Crane Galician V11.10.19 for MudRunner

Auto-crane “Galichanin” on the basis of MZKT 790200 with a wheel arrangement of 10×10, with a lifting capacity of 80 tons. Mod in test version. Addon – the bridge is designed for the transfer of equipment through small cliffs and streams. The addon is also in the test version, unsubscribe in the comments about the…

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ZIS-36 1940 Truck V01.05.20

ZIS-36 1940 Truck V01.05.20 for MudRunner

Experienced three-axle all-wheel drive truck ZIS-36 model 1940. It differs from the ZIS-6 with a slightly more powerful engine and, accordingly, a drive to all three axles. All parts (except for the cockpit) and add-ons are made by the author from scratch. Your sounds. Hoods and doors open at the cab, a cooling fan runs…

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Deja VU Map

Deja VU Map for MudRunner

In the closed PromHoz, timber extraction was temporarily suspended, and the locals, without wasting time, realized what was happening and asked you to help. Going to fish, you will have to take out logs with the help of a skidder and reload them into timber trucks. Working in difficult conditions, the roads are in a…

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