Off-Road DAY Map V14.10.22

Off-Road DAY Map V14.10.22 for MudRunner

The map is medium-difficult, on default it is passed! On The Map: 1 garage (closed); 1 refueling; 4 sawmills; 2 starting slots; 12 reconnaissance points; 2 loading points; Map size: 1x1km. (summer and autumn) Version 14.10.22 For Spintires: MudRunner (v25.02.21): Updated to the current version of the game; Added version “autumn”; Added one starting slot.

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2018 Tatra T815-7 Force

2018 Tatra T815-7 Force for MudRunner

The mod itself is an envelope from the SnowRunner game. Envelope author: ryszard. The mod has a folder with textures, (camouflage, Green), by default the textures of the car (Green). Texture author: kvarc999 Choose which one you like and copy it to the TextureCache folder, where the main replacement mod is located. Happy rides! The…

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Five Lakes Map

Five Lakes Map for MudRunner

Hi all! I present to you my new card. A map of the maximum size, and there will be a lot of work! On The Map: 2 garages (closed); 2 gas stations; 7 sawmills 1 felling 2 loading points 12 intelligence points 3 starting cars (replaceable) 03.03.16 11 cars on the map

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Transsib-2 Map Version Release

Transsib-2 Map Version Release for MudRunner

✔ Cars at the start: 1 ✔ Size: 1024×1024; ✔ Manual loading of logs: no; ✔ Station of automatic loading: no; ✔ Gas stations: 2; ✔ Sawmills: 12; ✔ Garage: 1 (closed); ✔ Intelligence points: 8; ✔ Trailer with garage parts of 4 points: 2; ✔ Random vehicles on the map: yes.

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Smoke Break Map V0.1

Smoke Break Map V0.1 for MudRunner

Greetings, friends! I am glad to share with you my new map, I made it a long time ago and did it for a very long time, mainly on smoke breaks and lunch breaks from work, hence the name of the map. I did it somehow without really understanding what to get, I just painted,…

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