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MudRunner ZIL Truck Mod: 164 Pack (Featured)
MudRunner ZIL Truck Mod: 164 Pack

Refinement and repainting of the ZIL 164 car from this mod. There are 3 cars in fashion, differences in color, color of add-ons and wheels, types of wheels, loads, inscriptions. Each car has 10 of its addons, 5 default trailers, can carry 3+3 points of cargo.


  • Reduced the angle of rotation of the wheels;
  • Increased strength of the front suspension;
  • Reduced rudder return speed;
  • Increased steering speed;
  • The differential is now switchable;
  • Some sounds are replaced, some are added from Spintirest;
  • Fixed the shadow under the car;
  • Tweaked the fuel circuits of the car and addons;
  • Increased the strength of the machine;
  • Removed instrument panel;
  • Completely reconfigured light on the car and addons;
  • Returned add-ons “front exhaust” and “flasher” from Spintirest;
  • Added addons “sign” and “crooked starter” from the mod;
  • Added arched wheels from Spintirest;
  • Removed semi-trailers (maybe later I will add more suitable ones);
  • Removed your cargo;
  • Added three types of cargo from Spintirest.

Change Textures:

  • Reduced brightness and saturation of textures for the car and addons;
  • Redesigned speculars, now the brilliance is more uniform;
  • Added two new colors for cars and addons;
  • Added different inscriptions on the add-ons of the tank;
  • Added different car depot emblems on car doors;
  • Fixed opacity of glass in the addon “awning”.

Author: kvarc999

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zil_164_pack_kvarc999_v1.rar (60 MB)
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