Playstation 4 Buttons User for Fallout76

Playstation 4 Buttons for Fallout 76
Playstation 4 Buttons for Fallout76

Simple mod that overwrites the Xbox prompts with Playstation 4 prompts.

This works with everything as most UI mods look to this file when button prompts are needed. I tested with all the popular interface mods like Perk Loadout Manager, Save Everything, and Better Inventory. Although, PLM custom-codes select/start for save and load of presets. (Share/Options on PS4 controller)

Included all languages that had button prompt files. If it’s supported by the devs, it should be covered.

Will not work in Nuclear Winter game mode, due to the modified files restrictions.


BEFORE INSTALLING, Copy And Paste Your Vanilla “SeventySix – Interface.ba2” To A Safe Location!
(or look in the optional files for a downloadable backup of the vanilla archive provided by me)

The only way I could get the files to work in-game was to edit the corresponding files in the vanilla ba2 directly. My knowledge of working with swf files is extremely limited to trial and error. If any savvy authors out there could assist in making this usable with standard application, I would be in your debt.
Files: fonts_en.swf, fonts_ja.swf, fonts_ko.swf, fonts_ru.swf, fonts_zhhans.swf, fonts_zhhant.swf

Installation is simple, drag and drop the ba2 into your Data folder and overwrite the vanilla file when asked., that’s it.
If ever you need to revert, use your backup, or download a backup from the optional files.

Author: ThatSpartacusGuy

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