Partyboy – A Stealthboy Festive Overhaul for FALLOUT76

Partyboy – A Stealthboy Festive Overhaul for Fallout 76
Partyboy – A Stealthboy Festive Overhaul for Fallout76

Adds a Festive Flair to the Stealthboy and Stealthboy Mark III.

Do you miss Fasnacht? Do you think stealth boys are dull? Well, you came to the right place! This mod adds a Fasnacht Flair to any and all stealth boys. Specifically when active stealth boys now play the Fasnacht parade music and leave a small trail of short-lived confetti behind you. It also replaces the stealthy world model with the Fasnacht Sun mask as a way to verify the mod is installed.

Manual Install Instructions:
1} Download and unzip the Partyboy.ba2
2} Paste Partyboy.ba2 into your Fallout 76 Data folder
3} Locate your fallout76Custom.ini and
add Partyboy.ba2 to your sResourceArchive2List.
4} Enjoy

Author: Commanderbass



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