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Abyss’s Mod Pack [] for World of Tanks
Abyss’s Mod Pack [] for WoT

This modpack includes a collection of quality-of-life mods, user interface changes and tank skins that improve the World of Tanks experience. For those who don’t want to completely change the look of the base game and just want a few UI improvements without having to use XVM: like a marker to identify your friends on the battlefield, a way to organize your tanks in the garage, or an easy way to view replays.

For a full list of included mods and mod creators please visit:

The Full List

User Interface / Quality of Life Mods

Battle Hits
Replay Manager
Friend Marker
Crew Return
Battle Efficiency
Battle Button
Safe Shot
Spot Allert
WoT Tank Sets
Battle Equipment
Discord Rich Presence Support
Hangar-Manager “HangMan”
Free Camera
Limpid Stickers
Friend Activity Notifier
Central Repair
6th Sense Timer
Reload Notification
Expanded Crew Info.
Random Tank Picker
Aim Timer
Gun Mark Scale (Battle/Garage)
Expanded Tech Tree
Colored Battle Results

Anime Tips

Required Utility Mods

mods “configs” folder


Hangar Premium V1 | Old Premium Hangar
Customization Hangar
Hangar Premium V2
OLD HANGAR (up to 0.9.x)

Skins / Carousel Icons

The Black – Defender (no flag)
Chrysler K GF
German Primer Red (Master)
Hungarian Factory Green (Master)
Bundeswehr Green (Master)
Skorpion G Desert
Beutepanzer KV-2 754(r) [Warhammer Skin]
Brighter Lights for Mirny 13 Halloween 3D Styles
Ukraine Flag Replacing USSR Flag


Step 1: Download
Step 2: Unpack the .rar file
Step 4: Drag or copy all contents of the 1.18.0.X folder into the current version folder for the game. (Example: Abyss’s Mod Packmods1.18.0.X to World_of_Tanks_NAmods1.18.0.3)
Step 3: Drag or copy the configs folder into the current mods folder. (Example: Abyss’s Mod Packmods to World_of_Tanks_NAmods)
Step 5: Enjoy 🙂

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Various Creators
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