The Goat

The Goat for Farming Simulator 22

Its also not for potato pc setups as the file size is large and its very detailed. may cause lag. i apologize. Also this mod is not perfect i had built it a couple years back and decided to share it. ive put alot of hours doing what most can do in very little time….


Eineberg Forest

Eineberg Forest for Farming Simulator 22

Welcome to Eineberg Forest. ✔ Different size of forest. ✔ Fields. ✔ sellpoints. ✔ traffic. ✔ beautiful landscape. ✔ 2x old quarrys. Build your farm and enjoy forest, animals and farming.


Fendt 900 Vario S5

Fendt 900 Vario S5 for Farming Simulator 22

Price: 280.000€ Power: 296hp Configurations: Tire configuration Beacon Lights Warning Signs Main Body Color Rim color Engine Configuration: Vario 930 (296 hp) Vario 933 (326 hp) Vario 936 (355 hp) Vario 939 (385 hp) Vario 942 (415 hp) Simple IC


Liquid Tanks For Kenworth

Liquid Tanks For Kenworth for Farming Simulator 22

Attachable Liquid Tanks for Carvers Kenworth’s Suitable for all Liquids Complete with Australian Dangerous Good Labels For Diesel Truck Tank Price $10’000 Capacity 14’000L Trailer Tank Price $15’000 Capacity 28’000L


Fendt 250 GT V1.1

Fendt 250 GT V1.1 for Farming Simulator 22

Another evolutionary leap began with the start of production of the F 250 GT. With the underfloor motor from MWM, the motor disappeared from the driver’s field of vision. With the new engine layout, visibility of the mid-axle and front attachments has been significantly improved. In addition, the equipment of the Farmer S series was…


Case IH Axial-Flow 2100 Series

Case IH Axial-Flow 2100 Series for Farming Simulator 22

Axial-Flow 2100: Price: 150.000 $ – 186.500 $ Power: 180 – 280 HP Capacity: 6350 l – 7380 l – 10.000 l Case IH 1030 14FT/18FT/20FT: Price: 28.000 $ – 32.000 $ – 38.000 $ Max. working speed: 10 kph Working width: 4.3 m – 5.5 m – 6.1 m Case IH 1030 14FT/18FT/20FT Cutter…


Modern Building

Modern Building for Farming Simulator 22

A building that can be purchased for your property, and will generate profit by monthly. Cost: €580 000 Maintenance: €145 /day Maximum profit per month 60,624 € variable according to the season.


Machine sheds

Machine sheds for Farming Simulator 22

The mod includes a machine hall that has 24 solar panels on the roof. Daily earnings: 200€/hour Canopy roof/machine hall Price: €95,000 Maintenance: 35€


Political Promises (Manure) Processor V2.7.3.9

Political Promises (Manure) Processor V2.7.3.9 for Farming Simulator 22

Political policies, also known as “Manure” is useful in FS22 (LS22 if in Germany). It comes in 2 types, liquid (slurry) and solid (manure). Are you tired of having to use 2 types of spreader to use this essentially free fertiliser on your fields? Then worry no more, this processor can turn one form…