Oregon for The Sims 4

Requirements: EP Get to Work Get Together City Living Cats and Dogs Seasons Road to Fame GP Spa Day Dine Out Parenthood Jungle Adventures Outdoor Retreat SP Backyard Stuff Perfect Patio Stuff Fitness Stuff Laundry Day Stuff Glamour Vintage Stuff Cool Kitchen Stuff Romantic Garden Stuff Notes: ✔ The bb.moveobjects cheat needs to be previously…


Buddha’s Knee (CC Free!)

Buddha’s Knee (CC Free!) for The Sims 4

This is Buddha’s Knee: “This little house of Zen is ideal for anyone undertaking a spiritual quest or wishing to reach a higher plane of enlightenment. Spend a little time here and maybe you’ll feel like you’re sitting on the knee of Buddha himself!” A 30×30 lot built with no CC and only the Base…


Babez. 60

Babez. 60 for The Sims 4

You need Toddlers Stuff Face mask by S-Club at TSR Eyes and lips by Pralinesims at TSR Pose by MartyP at TSR Type: Outfits Recoloring Allowed: No Creating Tool used: Sims4Studio


Mathcope Cris Hair

Mathcope Cris Hair for The Sims 4

Origin of Mesh: Mesh completely made by myself Recoloring Allowed: Yes – Do not include mesh Polycount Very High LOD: 13K Polycount High LOD: 9792 Polycount Medium LOD: 4896 Polycount Low LOD: 2447 Creating Tool used: Sims4Studio


S-Club TS4 LL Necklace 201904

S-Club TS4 LL Necklace 201904 for The Sims 4

Necklace 3 swatches, hope you like, thank you. Recoloring Allowed: No Polycount Very High LOD: 850 Polycount High LOD: 850 Polycount Medium LOD: 850 Polycount Low LOD: 850 Creating Tool used: Sims4Studio


Guischilling19’s Sweet FX Preset

Guischilling19’s Sweet FX Preset for The Sims 4

The Sims 4 seems to have a very boring coloring. A good option would be to use reshade, but it is very heavy and reduces the frame rate a lot. I particularly prefer to use Sweet FX, it is much lighter and don’t appear a lot of things on the screen weighing in the game….


Robot Traits (5 Flavors)

Robot Traits (5 Flavors) for The Sims 4

Behold, a new trait that can transform your ordinary Sim into a robot! Inspired by The Sims 3: Into the Future and these tattoos that make your Sim look like a robot. Robots build skills 2x as fast as regular Sims and have needs that never decay (which needs never decay depends on the flavor…