NO More “Sore Back” after Mattress Firmness Upgrade! for Sims 4

Sims 4 NO More “Sore Back” after Mattress Firmness Upgrade! mod
NO More “Sore Back” after Mattress Firmness Upgrade! for Sims 4

I seriously can not believe this was never fixed…

So, there’s this “Sore Back!” moodlet which your sim has a 10% chance of receiving after sleeping in a cheap bed.
And then there’s also the Mattress Firmness upgrade for your bed (requires level 8 handiness), which will make your sim feel “like sleeping on a cloud”. However, contrary to my understanding of logic, they are not mutually exclusive. Aka you can get them at the same time, from the same sleep, in the same bed. I think it’s ridiculous.

Apparently, both the available bed upgrades were added in the Tiny Houses patch in January 2020. So they weren’t considered from the get-go and I understand that oversights happen, but c’mon… it’s been 4 years.

I’m also quite confused that I couldn’t find a mod to fix that. I know there’s the “Buy a better Mattress” mod by LittleMsSam, but I preferred to have this fixed directly, rather than playing with new gameplay features (don’t get me wrong, their mod is awesome).

How Does This Mod Work?
I simply added a little test in loot_Wakeup_LowQuality to check if the Mattress Firmness upgrade has been completed. If it has, the 10% chance for the Sore Back will not trigger. Since it’s an edit on the Loot Action itself, it should work for every bed that’s currently in the game and any that will come in the future.

I haven’t tested this, but I’m assuming this mod should be compatible with the “Buy a better Mattress” mod by LittleMsSam, since they didn’t override loot_Wakeup_LowQuality.

This mod requires an XML Injector.

Author: lunatic.variant

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