MudRunner Vehicles mods

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IS-2 (IS-2) ON Wheels

IS-2 (IS-2) ON Wheels for MudRunner

The envelope and my rework of the mod from SnowRunner, from the author: maxmike181. A mod for fans and for a very big fan, too, probably not for everyone, but for a change, why not. There are no addons, only default trailers. Has an animation of the turret (turns in the direction of the tank’s…


Supervezdehod Mod

Supervezdehod Mod for MudRunner

Can carry def trailers. The mod requires SpintiresMod to work, I personally use version 1.10.17. The mod does not carry any semantic load, it is purely “neighing”.


Khan-Lo4F Mod

Khan-Lo4F Mod for MudRunner

The envelope of the default scout (scout) from the SnowRunner game. Three cars with different colors are in fashion. From addons; bumpers, spare wheel, visor, belt and firebox, on the roof and in the cabin (def from LuAZ), clings def trailers.


Tatrapan 6×6

Tatrapan 6×6 for MudRunner

Envelope, revision and repainting of this mod. There are 4 cars in the mod, the difference is in the color and color of the add-ons, it has 14 of its own add-ons, it can carry 4 points of cargo. Changes: ✔ Suspension, power and transmission are tuned from scratch; ✔ Permanent four-wheel drive changed to…


Husky Mkiii Mine Detector Mod

Husky Mkiii Mine Detector Mod for MudRunner

Envelope and modification of the mod from SnowRunner from the author Boynya. Borrowed wheels and crane from Canislupusalbus from its envelopes (first envelope, second envelope). Thanks to the authors for the mod and addons. P.S. After spawning, the car jumps up a bit (model bug).


Transporter DT-8P – Alteration Of The Final Version

Transporter DT-8P – Alteration Of The Final Version for MudRunner

I completely rewrote the goose, added one more type of invisibility, reconfigured it. For me personally, it flew off only if it backed up against a wall or a fence, otherwise it would not fly off .. Attention! The Mod Won’t Work Without SpinTiresMod.exe! Final Version For Spintires: MudRunner (v10.06.19): ✔ Removed another mod from…


Sherpa 4×4 V2

Sherpa 4×4 V2 for MudRunner

You need SpinTiresMod.exe to work, otherwise it won’t rotate. In addition, you cannot turn in an overdrive, otherwise this Sherpa will become a helicopter. ✔ 6 of their addons If anyone wants to finish and add add-ons, I’m all for it. And I will ask you to post these works on the site. Enjoy your…


Wheels From Sherpa V2

Wheels From Sherpa V2 for MudRunner

While Alexey Garagashyan was leaving for the AG-20, I rolled the wheels off his Sherpas. There are two options: “ark” and “sherp”. “Arc” are smaller, “Sherp” – large. In addition, they have a fairly large width and radius, and low mass. This means that they can immediately go to the base of the floating machine….