Ural 375D Straight Pipe V8 Sound for MudRunner

Ural 375D Straight Pipe V8 for MudRunner
Ural 375D Straight Pipe V8 for MudRunner


Are you interested in finding more information about MudRunner Sounds mods? Then it is your lucky moment because in our website you will find various Spintires: MudRunner Mods which will help you to develop your game. Every particular MudRunner mod will provide you with a lot of new solutions. This is why you should not wait a second more and download Ural 375D straight pipe V8 right now! You will be able to upgrade your Spintires: MudRunner game without any limits the way you have always wanted. There is nothing you can lose no risks are guaranteed. That’s why we encourage you on downloading MudRunner Sounds without any payment just hit on the button and get everything for free! One thing worth mentioning if you want to upgrade or modify Ural 375D straight pipe V8 in any way, it would be great that you would require the permission of the author. With Spintires Mods you will experience that mudding has never been better before! Explore new features and overcome all boundaries it is the best time to achieve your most important goals!

Installation instructions
go to your game directory e.g. C:Program Files(x86)/Steam/steam/apps/common/Spintires/MudRunner

step 2 copy the files from Ural 375D v8 Sound archive e.g. “ural_benzine_” to media.zip in game directory in path shown below

This should not effect multiplayer
Tested on version 18.10.18
should work with newer aswell
Dont forget to make backup of your files

Authors: per dyrander (G80)

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