Autodrive Courses Lower Saxony21

Autodrive Courses Lower Saxony21 for Farming Simulator 19

Here are my Autodrive courses for the Lower Saxony 21 Map. All sales stations and BGAs are in. Some fields are already in but many are still missing. Think it’s a good basic framework to start with. Try to update it little by little.


ALL In ONE Planters Pack V1.1

ALL In ONE Planters Pack V1.1 for Farming Simulator 19

Update to the All in One Planters Pack, to add prices to all equipment to allow you to repair the planters. Note: You will have to sell the existing equipment in game and rebuy them for the changes to take effect.


Large 3 Point Pallet Fork V0.5

Large 3 Point Pallet Fork V0.5 for Farming Simulator 19

DoubleFork Here we offer you our double fork download. With the fork you can lift 4 pallets at the same time, if your telescopic loader can do it. Unfortunately it is currently only available for telescopic loaders. However, another version with all attachment possibilities as well as adjustable forks is in the works. The cost…


Polish Pack

Polish Pack for Farming Simulator 19

Modpack Covers: ✔ Ursus c4011 ✔ Ursus c360 3p ✔ Sipma z224 ✔ Bison Z056 / 50 ✔ Autosan autoload


HOT Online F4RM 2021 Final

HOT Online F4RM 2021 Final for Farming Simulator 19

HoT online F4rm 2021 FINAL Feature Overview · diverse Bugfixes · Seasons update · Sommer Event Benötigte Mods: Modpack HoF 2021 FINAL Global Company Manure System (neuste Version) Erhöhung des Tiergehege-Limits Optional: Seasons Strohbergung Hier eine Liste mit Mods die nicht mit der Map kompatibel sind und zu Fehlern führen Nichtkompatible Mods Achtung Es Sind…


Lanz D6016 V0.9

Lanz D6016 V0.9 for Farming Simulator 19

Lanz Bulldog for LS19. Motor variants D5016, D6016, D6516 After a long and careful consideration, I would like to make my first mod available to you today. Some of you already know the model from my Instagram page and it was about time that I published one of my classic cars. It is the Lanz…


MAN F2000 Sidedoors With Crane

MAN F2000 Sidedoors With Crane for Farming Simulator 19

Hello, it is time to release the Man F2000 rigid trucks. IMPORTANT: 1. You need SimpleIC mod. 2. IC trigger for the back door/curtain is on the back left angle of the truck, not on the back like it is on the Scania 3. Some of the configurations don’t work together, this is not a…