1980-1986 Powell Boar V

1980-1986 Powell Boar V for SnowRunner

The truck is primarily based off the third generation Ford Bronco with styling cues taken from the Dodge Ramcharger, Jeep Cherokee, and Land Rover Defender. Math Is Hard: 24 engine options 19 transmission options 3 suspension options 5 original rim/tire options (total of 39 tire options) 5 winches 32 assorted visual customization options (not including…


Raven Class 1 Truck

Raven Class 1 Truck for SnowRunner

The Raven Class 1 is a military concept truck. The Raven Class 1 is unique and it does not exist in the real world, It is a military concept truck that I had in mind and has been completely planned, and modeled from scratch by me. I always dreamed of designing my own vehicles and…


Z2 Tayga6436 Dakarrally V0.6

Z2 Tayga6436 Dakarrally V0.6 for SnowRunner

Tayga 6436 modified for a rally in Dakar by Z2. Due to the weight reduction of the car body and the frame. it does not function as the original truck. Feature: Tracks for new race content Dakar Rally Style Tayga 64436 Less capacity and localization ( I’m sorry I’m using Google Translate ) Note: This…


GWC 2010 G350 Crew CAB V1.0.1

GWC 2010 G350 Crew CAB V1.0.1 for SnowRunner

Good day to everyone. Here we present to you, the GWC G350, based on the Ford F350. This particular model is a 2010 Crew Cab version, dually rear, and carries 3 variants of the PowerStroke motor that came in this truck. This truck is a commission build. All design choices were made at the clients…


Tenno T-4 Protos V

Tenno T-4 Protos V for SnowRunner

A lighter, more nimble and agile variant of the Tenno T-21 heavy logistics vehicle, this 4×4 truck is more than capable for its size. Able to be fitted out with 2-slot addons and saddles for semitrailers. This variant also comes with improved visibility by adding a rear-view camera to the interior of the vehicle.


Zver K-165 V1.1

Zver K-165 V1.1 for SnowRunner

1. Does not replace anything. Tested on the game SnowRunner. 2. There is an animation of the steering wheel, suspension, exhaust, mirrors, levers, fan, mud flaps and steps. 3. There are several addons and trailers. 4. Patency is high. 5. You can carry all kinds of logs and cargo.


Blueprint ONE Racing CAR

Blueprint ONE Racing CAR for SnowRunner

Back on the wacky stuff. This is why I mod. I went to figure what would be the least suitable vehicle for SnowRunner, and put it in the game. Some Features The Blueprint One Has: AWD with locked diffs Realistic winch and crane points Multiple tire options No region or level lock


Boondocks V0.01

Boondocks V0.01 for SnowRunner

BETA version, work in progress as always. Summer-Autumn map as always. Scout only map so far. Have a few basic trails but the swamp and river are mostly done. Will develop trails with many houses, cabins, and campgrounds hopefully. might add high-paced trails for some thrills. Stop by over the next few weeks to see…



Stampede for SnowRunner

Hey ALL SR FAN!!! The wait for it is over. Dubzville Off_Road got a brand new, you guessed it, Stampede. This bad boy has been on pre-order for over a year here at Dubzville Offroad. And a few weeks ago we received this beautiful two door for the shop to trick out. We wasted no…


Z2 DON 80’S Racing V0.6

Z2 DON 80’S Racing V0.6 for SnowRunner

A vehicle sleeping in a warehouse on a farm. The Z2 engineer made a major remodeling to the racing specifications of the 1980s. feature Recycle cars that are always thrown away Rich visual customization Nitro? ?? Less capacity and localization ( I’m sorry Google Translate ) caution Off-road is a slightly weaker vehicle. ( Created…