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Ensr – Sørkjosen

Ensr – Sørkjosen for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Sørkjosen lufthavn (IATA: SOJ, ICAO: ENSR, Sami: Reaššegeahči, kven: Rässikäinen) is an airport located in Sørkjosen in Northern Norway, approx. 4,5 km from Storslett. Sørkjosen lufthavn is owned by Avinor. From Sørkjosen the airline Widerøe has two daily departures to Tromsø, where there are corresponding flights to Oslo, Trondheim, Bodø of Bergen. There is also…

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Vennesla Airport

Vennesla Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

This is an airport that do not exist in the “real world”. More items will be added soon to the airport. The airport is located in Vennesla, ( 58.264276, 7.959257 ). The name of the airport is ” Vennesla Airport ” Free to download and no additional charges. Credits: BareVilliam Have fun GPS Coordinates: 58.264276,…

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Sverd I Fjell V0.1

Sverd I Fjell V0.1 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Sverd i fjell (English: Swords in Rock) is a commemorative monument located in the Hafrsfjord neighborhood of Madla, a borough of the city of Stavanger which lies in the southwestern part of the large municipality of Stavanger in Rogaland county, Norway. The monument was created by sculptor Fritz Røed from Bryne and was unveiled by…

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Norwegian Wind Parks V0.1.1

Norwegian Wind Parks V0.1.1 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Most of the wind parks in Norway are already present in the default sim, but new wind parks are buildt in a big scale. This package aims to fill in the missing wind parks. If you find any errors in the package or know of some wind parks not included please feel free to contact…

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Northern Norway Landing Challenge Pack V1.2

Northern Norway Landing Challenge Pack V1.2 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Northern Norway Landing Challenge Pack ENTC ENHK ENHF This is a landing challenge pack containing 3 landing challenges for 3 different airports located in northern Norway. *** We are trying something new with these landing challenges. We have included our own music this time. It is the same on each challenge, but we thought this…

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Vermundsjøen (ENV1)

Vermundsjøen (ENV1) for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Velcome to Vermundsjøen! (ENV1 is a fictitious code) WINTER AIRFIELD! Vermundsjøen is a airstrip that only exist in winter-time. The runway is created when the lake has frozen and the ice is safe. The airstrip is located next to “Åsnes Kirke” a church that plays a big role for this event. Every year (almost), it…

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Farsund Lista AB

Farsund Lista AB for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Lista airport is very much WW2. The first airport was made during WW2 with a runway made of oiled planks, which killed more pilots from takeoff and landings than actual air combat. Later a new runway was made further inland, record breaking 70 meters wide, as Lista was a forefront airport towards England. The old…

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Sandefjord Airport Torp Ento V1.1

Sandefjord Airport Torp Ento V1.1 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Update: The hold short markings and runway designations have been fixed. Your start points on the runways should be 18 – 36 and the hold short markings say “RWY AHEAD” instead of the incorrect numbers on the east side of the runway. I also added the “NO ENTRY” hold short marking near the apron with…

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