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Tour Through Africa

Tour Through Africa for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

On this tour, you will fly from the northernmost to the southernmost Airport in Africa. You will depart in Tunesia at the Sidi Ahmed Military Station, from there you will fly south and cross the Sahara until you reach the Savannah, then you will cross the African rainforest. After that, you will fly over the…

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Nzmj – Martins BAY Bush Strip

Nzmj – Martins BAY Bush Strip for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

{Information} Excluded within the southern alps, this small bush strip lies. In microsoft flight simulator this strip was asphalt when IRL it’s pebbles/rocks. So with the help of my friend (Piritv) I decided to give the runway a custom texture. Normally, I don’t like to release my projects. As I think their not very good…

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Sahara 2 – Zarzis To Cairo

Sahara 2 – Zarzis To Cairo for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Now that Bushtrips have been mostly fixed I share this journey with you. On this second stage of our trip across North Africa we visit imperial cities, ancient Medinas, and Kasbahs, taking in a few ancient monuments on the way. Some locations we visit are not on the tourist trails I apologise in advance for…

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The Primitive WAY V1.1

The Primitive WAY V1.1 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

The Primitive Way is the original and oldest pilgrimage route. The first pilgrim was the king Alfonso II, who travelled to Santiago in the first third of the 9th century to confirm that the remains which had just been discovered in Compostela were really those of the apostle Santiago. The route crosses mountainous areas, sparsely…

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