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Salty 747-8I – Classic Repaint

Salty 747-8I – Classic Repaint for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Here’s a repaint of the Salty 747-8i cockpit in 747 classic colors. To install: drop the contents of the zip file into the community folder To uninstall: remove the ” salty-747-classic cockpit ” folder from the community folder *Use only one vc repaint at a time That’s It! Credits go to Salty simulations for the…

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SAS Cockpit + Flypad V1.1

SAS Cockpit + Flypad V1.1 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

I made version two. on this one, the seat logos are more like an embroidered patch and not a print I personally think it looks better. the only issue I have is that the seat logo for the FO is mirrored. I will try to fix it but I don’t know how yet. also i…

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RED Interior For Grumman G44A

RED Interior For Grumman G44A for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Red interior for Grumman G44A instead of the green. You basically have to make a backup of the original files and remplace them by thoses in the texture folder of the plane. Provided as it is, if you do not know what to do with the texture files, do not download.

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Carenado C170 Interiors

Carenado C170 Interiors for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Some new interiors for your favorite 170 livery. ** This pack contains multiple addons, Only Use ONE At a Time ** ✔ Using both wont hurt anything but only 1 will show (Red).* Works on both the small wheels and tundra models. These interior liveries requires the Payware Carenado C170 from the in game Marketplace….

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Spitfire L.F MK IXC Dark Gray Cockpit

Spitfire L.F MK IXC Dark Gray Cockpit for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

This mod is for the Third Party Aircraft Spitfire Mk IXc by FlyingIron Simulations. You can purchase this plane from !!!! BACKUP THE ORIGINAL TEXTURES !!!! Then move the *.dds files from the zip into ..Communityflyingiron-spitfireSimObjectsAirplanesflyingiron_spitfireTEXTURE and replace the original textures with it

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