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Hubert Reeves Observatory

Hubert Reeves Observatory for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

At Hubert Reeves observatory, the Planete Mars association operates a 600mm telescope. The observatory was named as a tribute to one of the most beloved scientists, Hubert Reeves. Required Libraries : Install Dave’s 3D people library by BadMed Coordinates 45.00714126788543, 4.335117834712585 Approximate Location: Planète Mars Observatoire Hubert Reeves, Chemin de Saint-Romain, 07320 Mars, France

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Paris Aera Observatories

Paris Aera Observatories for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

This scenery includes several astronomical observatories in Paris aera : Observatoire JeanMarc Salomon (handcrafted) Observatoire de Paris (fix and fountain) Observatoire Camille Flammarion (Google maps import) Observatoire de Triel (Google maps import) See documentation for information about these observatories. Required Libraries : Download and install the “Dave’s 3D People Library” in your community folder. Coordinates…

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Château DE LA Brède V0.1

Château DE LA Brède V0.1 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

The Château de La Brède is a feudal castle in the commune of La Brède in the département of Gironde, France. The castle was built in the Gothic style starting in 1306, on the site of an earlier castle. It is surrounded by water-filled moats and an English garden, in the centre of a Bordelais…

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Montmeilleur-Mens for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Montmeilleur and Mens are two neighboring Altisurfaces a few kilometers away located in Trièves, south of Grenoble in France. Montmeilleur LFKK, code LFRR in MSFS2020, is the castle’s private airstrip open to air traffic. Mens LF3828, a grass runway located on a hill near the town of Mens is used by mountain pilots. This set…

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