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Asobo B747-8I Realism Mod

Asobo B747-8I Realism Mod for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

This is a modification to the MSFS 2020 default Asobo Boeing 747-8i aircraft and is primarily aimed at improving the aircraft flight model to make its overall performance more closely match the actual aircraft, providing a much closer experience to flying the real aircraft. Multiple changes have been made to the flight model parameters, and…

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[Realistic] Edinburgh (Egph) GSX PRO Profile

[Realistic] Edinburgh (Egph) GSX PRO Profile for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Realistic GSX Pro Profile for Pyreegue (Orbx) Edinburgh Installation Place the file into Users[Your Username]AppDataRoamingvirtualiGSXMSFS Note: ensure no other files starting with egph are in this folder. Features Realistic/correct handling companies (to select handler ensure GSX auto mode is off) Custom pushbacks for all stands (straight push is standard on stands 6 – 10, 20…

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Vtuo Buriram Airport Aerial

Vtuo Buriram Airport Aerial for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Aerial of Buriram Airport. Realistic airport layout. Compatible with SIMMAN BURIRAM AIRPORT Payware. ***This is an aerial file only! NOT have an airport file. After installing you will still use the default airport*** Install: Unzip, Drag a simman-aerial-vtuo folder to the Community folder.

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KSB1 – Stol Sand Bank

KSB1 – Stol Sand Bank for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Airport Details: Nothing much here, it’s a sandy bank. Good STOL spot for anyone who wants a challenge flying, Watchout for fallen logs, long grass roots, Hard to find but you can use the ICAO KSB1. Installation Unzip the .zip folder Drag n drop into community folder Requirements: None Details: ✔ Airport NOT underwater ✔…

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Christoph 32 – Ingolstadt Hospital

Christoph 32 – Ingolstadt Hospital for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

This is the Home Base of Christoph 32 Air Rescue Helicopter, which is stationed close to Ingolstadt Hospital. I have added an fictional Airport here named “CH32 – Ingolstadt” with the Helipad to select it from the World Map as Spawn location (Select the Parking 0 which spawns directly at the Helipad / Ignore the…

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Npas Base North Weald V3.0

Npas Base North Weald V3.0 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Scenery for the new NPAS base at North Weald where two helicopters are based: G-MPSC (EC145) and G-POLH (EC135) There are two parking spots at pads 2 and 3 along with runway starts as well. There are two NPAS EC145 static objects which is not fully realisitic but adds to the immersion! There is a…

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