MSFS 2020 Tools Mods

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AAM For Msfs V4.31

AAM For Msfs V4.31 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

AAM is a tool that allows you to edit and change .cfg files in MS Flight Simulator 2020. Tables are drawn as graphs that can be manipulated intuitively by using the mouse. Entries in the .cfg files are shown in a tree view and are color coded to visualize different states. Only unencrypted .cfg files…

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Mfslink V1.1.0

Mfslink V1.1.0 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

What Is Mfslink? Mfslink is a role-playing chatting application created to simulate real live aviation. Mfslink allows users to enter a link_frequency, a specific and easy-to-understand string that includes ICAO of the airport/center(e.g. KLAS) plus the irl frequency of the position(e.g. Unicom for KLAS is 122.950), an example of link_frequency of KLAS unicome is “KLAS_122.950”….

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Minipanel for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

The MINIPANEL application makes it possible to have all the information necessary for the flight at all times in front of you, regardless of the devices chosen and the cameras used in the simulator. The MiniPanel allows a display in windows completely independent of the simulator used (and always displayed in the foreground despite the…

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Toolbar Pushback V1.0.1

Toolbar Pushback V1.0.1 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Toolbar Pushback gives you full control over your pushback! Control the tug direction with your rudder pedals, joystick, keyboard or mouse and steplessly adjust the tug speed to your liking. All natively from within Flight Simulator without the need for running any apps or alt tabbing out of the sim. Additionally, ground services can be…

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Grand Tour Flight Planner V6.6

Grand Tour Flight Planner V6.6 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Grand Tour Flight Planner (GTFP) Helps The Casual User In The Following Ways: 1. GTFP simplifies the construction of complicated flight plans. 2. GTFP can generate over 500 interesting (built-in) flight plans. 3. GTFP provides an easier way to navigate during VFR flight than by using the plane’s instruments. It presents the plane’s heading and…

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FSBlackBox V0.2.5

FSBlackBox V0.2.5 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Track your flight in real time on an online map FsBlackBox is a small app that connect to Flight Simulator via simconnect and which send telemetry data to a central server to display an online multi-users map. (you know flightradar ? it’s the same idea but for Flight Simulator). Maps are accessible by a public…

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Modern UI

Modern UI for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

User interface of MSFS 2020, in revised design. Rework of all user interface graphics, regarding display quality, color scheme, etc., including all Bush Trips, Landing Challenges, and Tutorials A new loading screen of the game included Overlays of the graphics of the World Updates, (if installed) are skipped when loading the game Completely reworked news…

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Flightfun for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

FlightFun is a fun companion application that works with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. No need to install – Just unzip to a folder of your choice and run FlightFun. It comes from the makers of the highly acclaimed FlightShare applications. Features Include: Air Support – Just Click “Send” To Have New Aircraft Dispatched To Escort…

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