Download Object Library 200+ Models V14.10 MFS 2020 Mod

MSFS 2020 Object Library 200+ Models V14.10 mod
Object Library 200+ Models V14.10 for MSFS 2020

Object libraries for users and scenery developers.

For terminal-tiny-6×5-cbj shelter-15x10x3-cbj
if your scenery uses these see ‘library2v14-7-cbj visual guide.pdf’ for REQUIRED changes
Version 14-3
Adds:- Cropduster-Air-Tractor-AT802 Fuel-trailers-x2 Fire-extinguisher +1_Terminal +3_Hangar
Version 14-7 Adds:- farm-fence-Wood type x12
Version 14-8 Adds:- fence-tall-chainlink-1rail x11 terminals-tiny x3
Version 14-9 Adds:- fence-tubular x12 terminal-small x6 helicopter signs flags x6
Version 14-10 Adds:- fence-tall-chainlink-barb x26 security fencing

There are 11 open hangar objects based on ‘Open Hangar Library’ by Windhover who has generously supplied the raw Blender files for others to use. These look identical to the originals but have been heavily modified to be frame rate friendly. The triangle count is reduced by more than 40% plus LOD (Level Of Detail) simpler models produced which are used as the viewing distance increases. Final long distance models have only 15 triangles.

All objects in these libraries will be used in my own sceneries and the result of 100s hrs of effort. All objects from the real world. All objects use LOD (Level Of Detail) to keep frame rates high. Final long distance models have a large triangle added below ground to stop them disappearing in the distance. PBR materials used extensively. Included are 2 PDF files with photos of every object to make selection easy. Republish these files in any freeware scenery if required.
READ “read me library instructions” before using.

Cropduster-Air-Tractor-AT802 x1
Church x1
Cones x4 Gables x3
Fences (18 types farm x2 chainlink x5 mesh x4 hand-rail horse paling cattle_grid) x194
Flag pole x1
Fire_extinguisher X1
Fuel_Signs_ x6
Fuel_area_pipes x2
Fuel_trailers x2
Gas (petrol) station x3
Gliders x4 Hang-gliders x2 Paragliders x2
Flying:- Gliders x 4 Hang-gliders x 4 Paragliders x 4

Glider trailers x4
Grain storage hoppers silos x 4
Power poles x2
Rail platforms station x5
Rail locomotive passenger_carriage grain_hoppers x5
Towers_radio x6
Weather station small x4
Windsock x3 Windsock-light x1

Animals – Cows x2 Sheep
Grain bunkers – large piles of grain covered with canvas x5
Hangars small airfield x24
Hangars-open small airfield x11
Hay bales x10
Length-measure x1 to measure lengths in MSFS
Medical transfer station (building) x2
Obstacle-light x10 CHECK visual guide before using
People (animated) x5 Men Women
Pivot irrigator x3
Sheds x10
Shelters x2
Signs heliport x4
Solar panels x7
Terminals – small airfield x24
Towers water x4
Tractors farm x3
Water tanks x3

Author: colinj

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  2. Find the Community folder on your computer
    • Windows – C:/Users/[Computer Name]/AppData/Local/Packages/Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe/LocalCache/Packages/Community
    • Steam – C:/Users/[Computer Name]/AppData/Local/Packages/Microsoft.FlightDashboard_8wekyb3d8bbwe/LocalCache/Packages/Community
  3. Copy the downloaded file to your Community folder like this: /Community/[MOD FOLDER]/[MOD FILES]
  4. Launch the game and enjoy your mod!
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