DA62X Project V0.2 Aircraft for MSFS 2020

DA62X Project V0.2 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
DA62X Project V0.2 for MSFS 2020

Key Features:
Automatic propeller control
Using a SimConnect module, we are able to control prop RPM based on the power output of the engine. This acts like single lever control, however it is based on engine power output and not lever position.

Engine Changes:
Proper fuel flows
Changed OIL/Coolant temp and pressure behavior
Increased thrust scalar

Compatibility with WT G1000 Mod
Added Engine, Systems and Fuel page
Aux tank fuel indication added
Added fuel/Gearbox temperature indications
CAS messages added

Flight model
Correct cruise speeds
Reduced elevator and rudder sensitivity
Improved Cl table and stall characteristics
Improved inflight handling characteristics all around
Decreased ground friction and turn radius
Increased flap lift and drag

Increased Gear drag
Decreased trim deflection

Lowered standby instruments brightness
Improved lighting, Added Ice light
Anti-ice system functional
Improved autopilot PIDs and limitations

Flightmodel: Correct performance all around
Systems: Redo everything, Full G1000- FADEC integration
Alot more

FADEC need a few seconds to initialise/might not at all. Reload and try again.
Simconnect cant distinguish between the engine 1 and 2, so atm the right engine mimics the left.
Ice light is on by default

Thanks To:
Nishmaster for the FADEC
Friends for helping me with C++
Uwajimaya for the lighting mod
Jonasbeaver for his findings on the autopilot and stuff

MSFS 2020 Addon Series: The DA62X Project (Must Add!)

Author: mrtommymxr

How to install this mod (Full installation guide)

  1. Download the mod (ModsHost download guide).
  2. Find the Community folder on your computer
    • Windows – C:/Users/[Computer Name]/AppData/Local/Packages/Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe/LocalCache/Packages/Community
    • Steam – C:/Users/[Computer Name]/AppData/Local/Packages/Microsoft.FlightDashboard_8wekyb3d8bbwe/LocalCache/Packages/Community
  3. Copy the downloaded file to your Community folder like this: /Community/[MOD FOLDER]/[MOD FILES]
  4. Launch the game and enjoy your mod!
  5. Problems? Ask for help!
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Download mod

DA62Xv0.2_HzqcO.zip (139 MB)
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