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Sir8J’S Modpack []

Sir8J’S Modpack [] for World of Tanks

Sir8J_ModPack contains only mods approved by the developers of Wargaming. This is a package of modifications compiled by DENS, designed for those followers of the wot CC, Sir8J …. and their community. Contains: *New logo and sound of Sixth Sense *Mark of Friends in Battle *AT Server Marker *Fiends / Blacklist extended *Unanonymizer on battle…


Rebirth []

Rebirth [] for World of Tanks

focus on customizing your experience to your preference It will help produce your best results on the battle field. REBIRTH Functions Battle Armor Thickness Indicator 1 Teams HP Green Pen 2 Tank Hp Yellow Might Pen 3 WN8 Mark Red No Pen 4 Tank Distance 5 Target Base Reload Time 6 Aim Count 11 Alt…


Classic’s Dakka Improvement Project (Simple Remodel Pack) []

Classic’s Dakka Improvement Project (Simple Remodel Pack) [] for World of Tanks

Adds more dakka (machine guns) to a large selection of vehicles. (NOTE: The SU-100Y featured in the thumbnail is available as a separate mod.) Currently Included Vehicles (103 Total): Latest additions are written in bold text. China: Type T-34, Type 58, 59-Patton Czechoslovakia: Skoda T-24, Skoda T-27 France: LT: AMX ELC bis, AMX 13 57,…


1D6 XVM Modpack []

1D6 XVM Modpack [] for World of Tanks

1D6 XVM MODPACK is a minimalist preconfigured pack containing the most “useful” mods. It is well for players who want to install only the essentials. An automatic installer takes care of everything and a modpack version checker will alert you in game when new version is available. Pack complies with WG Fair Policy Rules. Installation…


Sicfunzler Mod []

Sicfunzler Mod [] for World of Tanks

Xvm = XVM 7.8-dev !!! NEUSTE !!! Carusell einstellbar Top Minimap Wo sieht der andere hin und letzte Position Bessere Statistik Goldmuni Anzeige usw… Hitlog AutoEquip Player Ratings WN8 Capture Info Ingame Uhrzeit und auch im Hangar Neue TankIcon Ingame Damage Log Sixth Sense Audio Mod und mit SicFunzler LOGO Gunmarks mit SicFunzler LOGO Erweiterte…


Aslain’s WOT Modpack []

Aslain’s WOT Modpack [] for World of Tanks

Aslain’s ModPack contains only mods approved by the developers of Wargaming. Highlights: ✔ biggest amount of mods (over 700) ✔ preview of selected mods ✔ WG Fair Play Friendly ✔ frequent updates ✔ blazing fast support provided at own forums on ASLAIN.COM Installation: ✔ select folder where is your WoT is installed ✔ pick your…


Oldskools Promod []

Oldskools Promod [] for World of Tanks

OldSkools ProMod Installer is based on .NET Framework 4.5, this is why it is compatible with nearly every Windows-Platform. The instalation is fast and based on a Content-download system. The high capacity servers offer the users great stability and if the Promod shortcut is used, before every game start the user is informed if the…